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Call request not passed on to a suitable device

When asking the assistant to make a phone call it will try to fulfill the request on the Nest Audio, resulting in a "contact does not have duo" type of message, instead of placing the call using the phone.

ChrisBit by Community Member
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Netflix not working properly on Nest Wifi

I do not know why i am suddenly having this issue but essentially. I have been using Netflix and it has been fine but as of 3 days ago, all of a sudden there is content missing on my netflix when any device is connected to google wifi. I can tell thi...

Juned by Community Member
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"Sorry I can't do that yet" when asking to read audiobook

Hey,Does anyone know why my Google Home Mini is saying "Sorry I can't do that yet" when asking it to "Read [audiobook]"? All the help articles say that's what you have to do once you purchase an audiobook via the Play Store with nothing saying that d...

jorddude by Community Member
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Spotify plays few seconds and stops

My Google mini plays music from spotify for a few seconds and then stops , i did not have this issue previously.I have cleared the cache in spotify , uninstalled and reinstalled the app as well as reset my Google mini's and still have this issue.Cast...

shai_za by Community Member
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Google nest has a black screen

My Google nest hub is less than a year old and all of a sudden it has a black screen. I’ve tried all the suggestions in the post such as unplugging it and plugging it back in 11 times. I’ve done this several times, holding the volume button and tryin...

Nursepmj by Community Member
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Google Home mini connection issue

Hi everyone been having issues ever since i moved to a new location connecting to the 1st gen google home mini. As another thread stated roughly a year ago I've been having endless issues connecting to the Google home mini for wifi set-up, and the ot...

AjRevenge by Community Member
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voice responce google home mini/nest

Hi guys,it there any option to disable the voice response after a command? it's pretty annoying and at night it wakes people up due to the high volume. if i cant disable it like in the app can i change the volume? greetings remco

wizardnl by Community Member
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Google Nest Mini not communicating with iPhone

My google nest mini can connect to the Wi-Fi, but at the end of the set-up I get a message that says "bedroom speaker may be set up, but we could not communicate with it from your iPhone. Make sure that you have enabled local network access in your s...