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How to reconnect music provider on nest hub

Hi there my Google nest hub has dropped out my music provider and I just need help in reconnecting it back on the hub. Not sure what steps to take?? Can anyone please help me

Suz1 by Community Member
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How can you talk to a live person. Is there a number to call 

DavidJr by Community Member
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Nest Home speaker groups problem

Hi. I've had this problem for a long time with my set up and I have recently deleted my home, factory reset my devices and started a new home.I have a speaker group called downstairs, when I ask any device to play xxxx downstairs, google will respond...

zakstr by Community Member
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Quit forcing more Google down our Throats!!

Just found that some GH update that I wasn't informed of unlinked my Spotify account for music and automatically linked to Google Music!! I did not know or sanction this change on my Google Home account! Quit forcing more Google products down our thr...

SeanBH by Community Member
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I Cannot view full screen video.

Whenever I am viewing recorded footage from the nest app, if i rotate my phone to see full screen video i get signed out of the nest app and have to sign in again with my google account. This happens every time i rotate my phone to landscape , it say...

Michael-K by Community Member
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Nest 3Gen sees zero Wifi networks

I'm sure my Nest Thermostat is broken. It suddenly can't find any wifi anywhere. Nothing has changed except that it's exactly one year after I purchased it.

sixoseven by Community Member
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Trying to modify my nest account

I moved and am trying to remove my old “home” from my nest app. While in the nest app, when trying to remove they location, a message that can only be fine through the Google home app. I added the Google home app and got back to my old “home” but I c...

Shopping list

I am trying to create a shortcut on my phone to access my Google Home shopping list. Seems rather cumbersome to have to open the Home App and navigate all the way to the list when you are out at the grocery store.

JoeC1 by Community Member
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