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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Help Center where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

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Resolved! Please clarify about this.

Got this email a month ago.Will my account be deleted? I don't have Google Home or a Google Nest! I don't even have a phone! Is there anything I can do about it? Please let me know. Thanks!

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Adding apps

Can external apps be added to the nest hub like with a tablet or mobile phone?

Home app media tab has problems selecting devices.

Once music is playing one or more speakers, the media tab shows where its playing and give you the option to add to other speakers or remove from some. The list of "playing on" locations includes unpaired speakers, speaker pairs, wifi points, groups ...

Google home one member cannot control Nest thermostat

Hi, I have a home setup with 2 members, myself and my partner.I can control everything via the Google Home app (nest thermostat, phillips hue bulbs, google speakers).My partner can control everything except the Nest thermostat and it just says she ca...

zakstr by Community Member
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Unsuccessful migration

Tried migrating from nest to google, apparently did not delete products from original account and now unable to connect to google or go to old account to delete. Any help would be greatly appreciatedHappy Thanksgiving all

Soansr1 by Community Member
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ring and google

I have many 'google' devices around my place, but we recently decided to go with a Ring doorbell.I've seen many forums to setting up the doorbell to at least ring on google minis, but I can't connect it to my google home at all. Most of these posts a...

Nest app on iPhone continually crashes

Hello!For a LONG time now I’ve been BEYOND frustrated with this nest app! It USED to work fine last year… but this year it’s driving me MAD!? I’ll open the app on my phone, I’ll log me in. SOMETIMES it says I’m Away even tho I’m IN the house and even...

Deleting Nest Account

I am trying to get Nest to completely delete my Nest account. I have tried various steps to no available. I have unsubscribed but I would like to go further and ask Nest to remove my account from their databases.Any help would be greatly appreciated....

Nest app on Iphone - so slow that can't be used

I'm able to connect from a windows computer on the online Nest account without any issue. But when I try to use the Nest App on my iphone 11, running latest ios 15.1, the app is so slow, that it is loading the video continously without success. Howev...

Resolved! Being charged $5.33 per month, cannot find how to cancel

I'm being charged $5.33 a month from 'Nest Labs' but cannot find anything to cancel. I show no subscriptions under my Google profile. I do not have a Nest Aware subscription. I did have a Nest doorcam on my old house, which I think is where this char...

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