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Apple TV Nest App

Can someone tell me why a nest account that has been converted to a google account won’t work on a Apple TV? They essentially pushed for this and now I can’t use my Apple TV to stream on the Nest App.

Recover gmail

My password was changed on Dec 24 from South Kansas city Missouri area. 10 days ago my phone was stolen dont have it. I've made a new account but need in my primary Gmail account for tax purposes I'm not able to file taxes till I get open

Google home media widget for ios

I used to have a widget on iOS that let me see what was playing on my Google devices and I could control them. After iOS 15.1 update it stopped showing my devices, then I noticed it disappeared completely from the widgets. Anybody know what's up with...


PLEASE MY ACCOUNT GIVE IM MOST IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS THERE ######### my account recovery please give my account

AKBAR12 by Community Member
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iOS cookies disabled (what worked for me)

The iOS app's sign in process uses Safari even if Chrome or another app is your default browser. Therefore it is a Safari cookie issue that I needed to fix.What worked for me:Clear the history and cookies from Safari on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod tou...

Lyrebird by Community Member
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Good verification problem

Dear sir please find the my gmail account problem it's not working since 2yrs .Google says you can't verify don't match your account with you.#########.

jk4 by Community Member
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Error with migrating nest account to google account

I am unable to migrate my nest account to a google account. each time I try to complete the migration, it tells me "oops! We encountered an error. Please try again." with no other context to what the error could be. I am unable to use my Google Hub c...

laura926 by Community Member
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Deleting Nest Account made through Google Home

I created a Nest account through my google home. I was looking to add some devices and it had my download Nest and enter some of my information. I ended up not using or needing it. How do I delete all of Nest from of my account and remove any informa...