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Cameras and Doorbells

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Lower quality nezt out door

Why did you guys make the camera on the new outdoor nest less of a quality 3mp to 2mp 8ir to 6ir and 25fy cord for out doors vs 3ft cord. When will a better camera come as this is a down grade!

Vapor103 by Community Member
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Auto increase nest hub volume on ring?

Does someone know if it possible to have the volume of the nest hub auto increase when someone rings the doorbell? Now, I can barely hear them if someone last decreased the volume…

daankets by Community Member
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Chime Connector Replacement for Nest Doorbell

Hi Nest Community,I recently moved and purchased a new home and like many I forgot to take the Chime Connector out of the old home. Is there a way for me to get a replacement? What are my options if any. I'd appreciate any help.

cozco by Community Member
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Nest battery camera

When I try to install this I open my google nest app and scan the code but it says install in google home, when I go to my google home account it says install in google nest. I can’t find any information on how to solve this. Thanks for any help

Ajdederer by Community Member
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Nest Aware 2nd gen account support

I already have Nest Aware 1st gen, and a personal G-Suite email that I administer. I cannot upgrade to 2nd gen with that email. I will not create and manage a separate email account just for my cameras.Either:1. Stop requiring a google account2. Supp...

Rubicon78 by Community Member
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Nest volume too low

I cannot hear a person talking thru the camera, it is muted/barely audible. Person can hear me, but we can barely hear them with phone volume on full.

PBuffam by Community Member
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