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Cameras and Doorbells

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Forum Posts

Google nest cam wired 2nd on nest app

Good morning. I want get video of my Google nest cam wired 2nd on alexa echo show and for doing this, is required google nest configuration. But in google nest app is there not the device google nest cam wired. Can anyone suggest how can i do? Thanks

Battery Nest Re-Add

Nest camera was offline. Did a factory reset, live feed not available. Removed the device and started over again. Can't find the camera.Searched forums and did ALL the reccomended things. Factory reset, Bluetooth on/off, put closer to camera, unplugg...

LeeAnn10 by Community Member
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Will not connect to wifi

My Nest Hello has stopped connecting to my home wifi. I have tried restarting the doorbell, restarting my phone, and then resetting the doorbell. Nothing has worked. I am getting error code NC 23. I toggled my phone's bluetooth and that didn't help. ...

wray358 by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest 2nd Gen Doorbell and Gogle nest hub

I have a 2nd Gen Nest wired Doorbell that is connected to my ADT Security system. I want to receive doorbell alerts on my Nest Hub. How can I set this up so I can see the video and hear the audio

Poorman2 by Community Member
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doorbell music

Buna,folosesc o sonerie de usa iar cand cineva suna la sonerie pe telefon primesc o notificare si un sunet scurt de 1 secunda, problema mea este **bleep** pot sa pun o melodie mai lunga de vreo 30 secunde ca atunci cand suna cineva la sonerie pe tele...

Adrian32 by Community Member
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Deleted Camera

I accidentally deleted one of my cameras from my nest app. How can I add it back?

kbrown76 by Community Member
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Resolved! Doorbell battery fell and lens shattered

My nest doorbell (battery) fell off and lens is broken.I purchased it in November 2021 so it’s out of warranty. Is there any way to get it repaired or replaced? This seems to be a recurring theme on the blogs, if it’s a design fault (which seems reas...

JamesB67 by Community Member
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