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Where are the Camera alert notifications on Hub

The only notification that is currently available on the nest hub appears to be the Nest Doorbell. Is there a way to have the Nest Aware notifications (i.e. people, package, motions) also alert to the Hub?

mc by Community Member
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First gen Nest outdoor USB cord cut

Do I have any options other than buying a brand new camera on how to repair the USB cord to my nest outdoor camera I see that it's got two power wires a red and a black and then two I assume data wires that are super small wrapped in foil I don't wan...

Prime by Community Member
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Battery operated Camera/Nest app?

I have 3 nest IQ and a nest doorbell. Now I understand that Google is moving away from the nest app and migrating to the Home app. However I have 4 cameras, and I just added the new battery operated Camera, problem is, you can only view it in the Goo...

Mike_c by Community Member
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Nest camera on Android TV

Why can I not connect my nest cameras through the nest app on Android TV? It will not allow me to sign in with my Google credentials. I never had a nest account to migrate. This never worked through Android TV. Why?

John153 by Community Member
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Notification Previews in Wear OS

Last year, when I would get a notification from my drop cam on my watch, it would include a photo preview much like the notifications on the phone. However, they suddenly disappeared and we no longer get the photo preview. All we get is the "Open on ...

Nest indoor IQ Alternative power socket

Hi all,I recently bought a pre-owned indoor iq nest camera, however I've since noticed that there are a few bends in the cable and the power socket is buzzing/making noises. Would anyone know where I could get a new socket with the correct amps/volta...

Nest Outdoor Camera

My outdoor camera stopped working all of a sudden. We've tried unplugging and plugging it in again, but it doesn't seem to be working. We've had the camera for 2 years and hadn't had a problem until now. Please advise...

Castmari by Community Member
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