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Cameras and Doorbells

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Forum Posts

Battery Doorbell Problems

I hate this doorbell. It has given me nothing but problems. If it didn't already come with the house, I would replace it. The fact that this device doesn't just work astounds me. Instead it is taking weeks of troubleshooting to maybe fix this issue o...

rj6 by Community Member
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Nest Camera won’t reconnect after removing it

I wanted to change the home name on my camera since I got new ones and mistakenly set them up under a different home name. I removed the camera from the nest app and tried to reconnect it but I keeps saying it’s still part of another account. I tried...

EBO by Community Member
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Resolved! Can’t remove plate to access QR Code

Hello - ADT installed a wired nest doorbell to my house and never provided me the QR code to add it to the app.I have the included key and the hole on top appears like a narrow slit. When I attempt to use this key I cannot get the cover or the Neat o...

Resolved! Nest Cam Video Freezing and Camera Unavailable

my NEST outdoor battery camera keeps freezing and it says camera unavailable couldn’t reach this camera. This has only just started in the past few weeks. I have tried restarting, updating app and all the other suggestions online but nothing seems to...

AlHarris by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest Doorbell (Battery) wont chime inside on google hub

HiI have just set up Nest Doorbell (Battery) along with Nest Hub.The doorbell chimes outside but no sound comes through to the hubIt is connected to the hub as I can see the video and I can even speak to the person but it doesnt tell me/notify me whe...

gcamma by Community Member
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Google nest camera (Wired) cord replacement

Hey everyone,Can someone know where I can purchase a new Google Nest Cam (wired) cable?Would also appreciate any tips on how to replace it once I have the cord? Alternatively, if anyone knows where I can send it to get it repaired (USA) It would be g...

Manuel_E by Community Member
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Nest Camera and Floodlight

I purchased a a Nest Camera and Floodlight in 2022. Less than a year later it stopped working. It had a battery issue, but it’s hard wired. Google sent me a replacement. 10 months later, same exact issue. Google’s response was your out of warranty, b...