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Hub Max not recognizing faces besides the main user

I've just started the trial period of Nest Aware with my Google Hub Max. I've registered all my family members to our group through invites, they have completed steps for facial and voice recognition. I've unplugged the device, waited a minute, then ...

alli-mp by Community Member
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Nest doorbell (battery) events not playing

Is anyone else having the issue of the terrible event history viewer? I go to my notification and select the event I want to see and it takes me to "no event found" I can go into my full history and see all the events with a small preview video showi...

ScottC by Community Member
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phone use with nest

am thinking of buying the Google nest mini. I am not very tech aware so a couple of stupid questions! Does my phone need to be on and charged up for the nest to work? Is it using up data from the phone while it is on ? thank you

John106 by Community Member
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multiple account, one google nest mini

hi My girlfriend and I jut got given a nest mini. And she connected her spotify account to it, then sent an invite for me to join the household for it. My question is, how can I play my spotify account instead of hers? I looked around to see how to f...

chale66 by Community Member
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Cannot connect to Nest service

I started to sign up for Nest Aware when service went down and now I can't connect to cameras or thermostat. I need help restoring service.

Amf by Community Member
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Hi, I recently installed two Google Nest cameras. I am wondering if there's a way to take a snapshot during video replay. I have other cameras that allow it but I can't seem to figure out if the Nest cameras do. Please assist. Thank you!

Multiple Home/Structure discounts

Can you tell me why Nest doesn't offer an attractive multiple home/structure discount for Nest Aware plus? Is this on the horizon to make this product more competitive?Thanks

mikey2x by Community Member
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Nest aware

I used to have nest aware when I lived in PA. Now that I moved to Jersey and set up my doorbell and cameras it says nest aware not available in some areas. I literally just bought two cameras. Now I can’t set the zone and my notifications are going o...