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Unable to access IP cameras after switching to Google Nest Router

Hi Guys Just wondering what the current work around for this is. I have recently changed to the Google nest router and now I can't access my IP cameras from my mobile unless I am on the Wifi. I have set the NVR to a static IP and put in the correct p...

RodH by Community Member
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Kids are defeating Family Wi-Fi!

I'm using Family Wi-Fi with Nest Wifi. My kids (on iOS) have figured out that they can "reset network settings" on their phone, and it will connect with a different (generic) name to the network, and they are no longer subject to the bedtime I have s...

OnWhiskey by Community Member
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Unable ti set up Nest wifi after factory reset

My wifi suddenly stopped working 2 days back due to some ISP issue. That problem has been resolved and I can use the internet service from my ISP's router, but after resetting my ISP's router, I cannot reconnect my Nest WiFi router which was working ...

Unable to set Nest Wifi AP setupcode in Google Home

I have a Nest Wifi Access Point for which I do not have the QR code anymore. I do see the "setup code" written on the back of the Nest Wifi AP, but using Google home, it is ont possible to write some characters in the code (like numbers or 'a' 'e' or...

Pifgold by Community Member
  • 16 replies
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Nest Wifi won't connect to the internet using PPPoE

As I was trying to fix a double NAT issue in my network this morning, I have about decided it can't be done. Google support told me to contact my ISP and have them put their router in bridge mode. I did that. The tech came out this morning and put th...

Resolved! Wifi connection error

My google nest hub worked fine until i changed router. It now won't connect to router i have tried entering password for router manually, telling it to use the eouter password stored in Google home app which must be right as TV works on it, factory r...

ClaireM by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Devices Losing Connection Constantly

Just set up our nest mesh wifi a few days ago. We have great connectivity and our iPhones are finally working on our wifi (previously were not due to signal issues).However, multiple times a day our smart TVs and roku devices will say they have no co...

Mover86 by Community Member
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Can’t connect to internet

Is anyone a Dodo customer with nest wifi?I have HFC NBN and the dodo supplied TP Link modem/Router doesn’t work for the size of our home. I have tried connecting the nest to the nbn modem direct and also to one of the lan ports when the tp link is co...

Simon_G by Community Member
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No QR Code and no Setup Code on Nest Wifi Point

I reset the device and google is asking me to scan the QR Code or enter setup code. But there is no QR code and there is no setup code on my nest wifi point. I am positive. I own other Google wifi routers that contain both of these, but I have 2 that...

JJ42 by Community Member
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Connnect Wi-Fi point.

I want to extend my Google Wi-Fi to my tuck under garage. I have 1 gig fiber into the house, a Google wi-fi router connected to the router, and three existing Google wi-fi points working fine.I plugged in my new wi-fi point, opened the Google Home ap...