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Google nest router set up

I have a google nest router and two points. When attempting to set up the router through google home, it always uses the wrong wifi address which is not active. How do i get it to the correct wifi address.thanks

govman49 by Community Member
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Google wifi issues

I've recently changed a setting on my modem and no longer have an internet connection to my Google Wifi point... All I did was restart the modem

Resolved! Slow NBN Internet connection over PPPoE

Hi, I use Google Nest Wifi Router that is connected to a NBN FTTC box. I have 50/20 plan but "testing internet speed" from both Google Home app and my laptop (over wifi) results in ~30 download/20 upload. I connected my laptop directly to the NBN FTT...

tmszdmsk by Community Member
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New nest wifi won't connect to wifi

google nest mesh wifi will not connect via ethernet to my frontier modem/router to gain access to internet. keeps telling me to reboot modem. rebooted several times. no luck. any suggestions?

Resolved! Mesh Unit

I've been using Google mesh for 2 years and it has worked well until this week. My mesh unit in the office has been spotty. I keep getting messages on my company issued laptop that my internet connection is unstable. However, my husband's computer is...

mtcahill by Community Member
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Resolved! Two routers in same network

I have two nest routers and three points. I would like to use one of the routers as a point in.the same network: I want to have one functional router and four points in one network. How do I do it?

RJScott by Community Member
  • 9 replies
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Resolved! OnHub after December

Hi, i just read that after December with my Onhub I will not be able to « add additional Wifi devices » . What does that mean ? If I get anew device after December and i enter the SSID and password, will it get an IP address, yes or no.Thanks

Lop by Community Member
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