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Nest wifi with Starlink connectivity issues

Does anyone have a working Starlink in bypass mode with nest wifi mesh? I was only able to setup the mesh points if I disable IPv6, everything works fine but if Starlink disconnects due to temporary obstructions and comes back online, the nest wifi r...

Munem by Community Member
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wifi connections problems

If your WiFi signal is weak, you may experience slow speeds or intermittent connections. To fix this, try moving closer to your router, or try connecting to a different WiFi network. You can also try restarting your router or modem.https://thegolfite...

Copy settings from router into Wifi Hub

I have a remote TV boks from a tv provider that allows streaming tv when connected to the router.After I have installed the google nest wifi Pro (6e), and connect the remote tv box to the new Wifi Network it does not work anymore.So I have to connect...

RYO by Community Member
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Internet continuously drops out on extra point

We recently set up our three pack mesh system (router and two points). The internet from one of the points continuously drops out- although the home app says it looks fine. The point lives in my sons room and after much frustration with his ps4 game ...

Wifi dropping with some devices in Home - router issue??

Hi all experts,I'm having a rather annoying issue with my Nest Wifi router, and I'm hoping someone here might have some guidance. It appears that despite displaying a strong connection to the Nest Wifi point, I am unable to actually connect to the ro...

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VOIP packet loss on 3 point mesh system

Ever since we connected to 3 point mesh wifi, we've had issues with packet loss on VOIP (vonage). We have replaced the phone set and also spoke with the provider but it seems to default to the WIFI issues with mesh. The provider has asked us to turn ...

kulsum by Community Member
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Trouble shoot new Google Nest router + 2 points

@googlesupportHey I need help please! I have plugged everything into the right ports for the router, scan the QR code & the app goes to a WAN page wanting all the digits. I’ve trouble shooter this and Google states to go to PPPoE section and I’ve tri...

TD74 by Community Member
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Google WiFi as Single roaming WAP

Hi, Used my 4 Google wifi as mesh for number of years. Just had house work done and put in some cat 6 cable to various points which will be connected via a switch to internet feed.Can the Google wifi utilise the wired network to build the mesh while ...

RichYou99 by Community Member
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type ID for a device

My MacBook at one time ran home assistant. I have since removed it. But my MacBook now has a type of home assistant on it. can I edit that back to apple?

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