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2nd Wifi Point will NOT connect to wifi during setup

I purchased a 2nd Google Wifi point for my household. Set up was going well - the device was recognized, scanned the QR Code, and then the error message - Can't connect this device. I have reset my modem, unplugged and restarted my modem, doen the sa...

HlDavis by Community Member
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Google Wifi Performance is crap!

I want to share with you the story of an unhappy Nest Wifi customer. I bought and set it up two years ago and it worked really well and then one day it statred to do outages and performance becme crap. I tried all the tricks I could find here, and in...

Florent by Community Member
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I have two extender devices. one shows the blue (working light) the other is orange which I understand means it isn’t connected/working properly. I’ve tried to address in Google Home and cannot. These devices were originally set up in the previous ap...

LizD by Community Member
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Google wifi purple light cannot solve

I have two google wifi, one is main (no problem) and the other one show the purple light (developer mode), I find the method to solve on internet as below:

Simonckh by Community Member
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Setting up Nest wifi points

Hi, I am setting up a new a Google nest wifi system with router and two points. I am having trouble setting up the points. When adding the second point, after scanning the QR code, the app tells me to turn on wifi in settings when it is already on. I...

Nat33 by Community Member
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Resolved! Trouble Swapping Router Connected to Cable Modem

I *think* there may be a problem with my Nest router that is connected to my cable modem and so I'm trying to troubleshoot it by swapping it with another router that I've already setup on my network - the other routers are setup as points of course. ...

SkyG by Community Member
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Resolved! Max. number of Routers AND POINTS in a single WiFi netwrok (SSID)?

In this article What this section means?Maximum number of pointsWe recommend a maximum of five Wifi points in a single network. Adding more may be detrimental to Wi-Fi performance.It means "by rout...

r3c4ll by Community Member
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Wifi setup

Unable to connect after setting up google nest Wifi on my iPhone

r212st by Community Member
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Mesh not working after WAN setting changes

Hi I changed my WAN settings from DHCP To PPPoE, got the user name password from my ISP for PPPoE. But ever since my google mesh is flashing amber. The WAN settings show as if it’s back to DHCP but no internet coverage via mesh.please could someone a...

deepdey by Community Member
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