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Rachio 3 Controller not able to connect to Google Wifi

I've upgraded to Google Mesh Wifi for my home and I've gotten everything to connect with no issues except for my Rachio 3 Sprinkler controller. I've tried connecting to the main network and I've tried connecting to the guest network with no success. ...

DG8 by Community Member
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Google Wifi Issues in Detached Office/Out building

Hi there, I've got a half dozen or so Google Wifi access points throughout my house and they work great (most of them them are connected to cat6). The issue is with my backyard office/garage. I laid a subterranean cat6 cable to the office so that I n...

nick206 by Community Member
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Iphone 14Pro with google mesh router not working

My iphone 14 pro will not hold a phone call when I use a Google mesh router. I have three points. Connectivity to the Internet is solid both up and down loads when I turn Wi-Fi off. The phone works fine. Any suggestions?

Sdperl by Community Member
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Issues connecting to certain apps and websites? It's Weird!!

Hello,I hope everyone is doing well. About a week ago, I have been having network issues I have never seen before. Like my Ring app sometimes does fully load on my phone, also my garage door, and GMC truck app frequently won't work and I have to rest...

Club_AT4 by Community Member
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Connecting Hue Bridge through Google Wifi device

Hi I have a Google Wifi (Gen 1) in a modem/router connection. I have Philips Hue Bridge which I connected to this Google Wifi through ethernet, and the Hue light ups says there is a network and internet connection. Yet when I try to discover it, it i...

ro3743 by Community Member
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Is it possible to get Google WIFI working with BT Smart Hub 2

I have just had Full Fibre installed with BT, and been given a Smart Hub 2 along with it. Is there any way to get my Google WIFI working with the Smart Hub 2 (even with a bit of extra equipment)? I think I know I can connect the Google WIFI direct to...

psmith75 by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Does Google Mesh support IPoE and DHCP

Currently have Fibrenest Wi-Fi and router which has a really weak signal. Been recommended buying a Google Mesh 2 pack. Fibrenest has stated that any router I buy must " Ensure that the router is IPoE and can connect to DHCP". What do these mean and ...

Devices connected to my wifi

The list of devices connected to my wifi is long, how can I delete them? Everyone that has ever connected to my wifi is listed!

Resolved! Wifi Keeps disconnecting

I have the nest Wi-Fi as my router, as well as 2 nest Wi-Fi points and 1 of the old google points.It seems that a few times a day everyday, my Mac laptop loses connection and and can’t connect for about 5-10 minutes. I have a brand new computer and m...

Evanhunter by Community Member
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