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New device added after restart

When IPv6 is enabled and the network is restarted, a "new device added" notification will be shown to users. The device list will also include a new "unnamed device" in the list. This will occur for every restart. The "unamed device" list will get ve...

Derekf35 by Community Member
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Google Home App on iPad won't let me see WAN IP address

Hello,When I use the Google Home App on my iPad, it will not allow me to see the WAN IP address. It just tells me that I need to ensure the mobile device is connected to my Wi-Fi network.However, the device is connected to the Wi-Fi network. I am abl...

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Bumping: Bypassing Family WiFi restriction using randomized MAC address

As first raised in this thread: the issue exists and the "fix" is to disable IP Address Randomization as documented (at least for Windows 11) here:ht...

Anj by Community Member
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Google mesh speeds don't make sense!

So I have just changed internet provider and now have a 1gb line . I just changed the router box and plugged the google nest mesh router into the new router provided by the new provider ( sky ) . When I run a speed test on the google display its sayi...

reserved by Community Member
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Delete Mesh Nodes

I took down the Mesh Nodes. I got Starlink and they are not compatible. How do I remove them from Google Home?

Billnight by Community Member
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Speed limit on Mesh points

I have a 1gbps connection from ISPDoing a speedtest from wifi point downloading a file is limited to the 60-80mbps via browser or AndroidSpeedtest besides the main router is pretty good upto 700mbpsIs there any config or limitation regarding the mesh...

HiteshB by Community Member
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2.4 ghz only from Nest wifi router

Trying to connect a smart life wifi plug. It says that my phone wifi is connected to 5ghz. Finally I connected my phone to the old linksys router and got connected with the smart life wifi plug.Is there any way I can force only 2.4 ghz to get connect...

kiranca22 by Community Member
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How to remove a suspect device from WiFi devices list?

Noticed two devices joined the WiFi network recently that I am not aware of who they are. I instantly paused both of them. They still show in my devices list up top as paused.How I block and / or remove them?Thank you in advance!

SkylineSi by Community Member
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Laptop will not stay connected to nest wifi

Hope someone can figure this one out. Laptop set back to factory settings, nest set back to factory settings. Laptop connects to virgin wifi, no problems. Laptop connects to nest wifi, "connected no internet" message, then kicks laptop out. I have be...

Need to downgrade my Google Wifi Ac1304

Hi Google, Per topic, I need to downgrade the Google Wifi firmware as my QR code is no longer visible and the PSK not showing when I run the test. It shows;{"setupNetwork": {"ssid": "setup97610"},"setupState": "NO_SE...

thomacino by Community Member
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