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LAN settings help with static IP's on network

I'm not exactly an IT specialist so bear with me on this one. I have my regular local network with things like printers, camera and NAS storage setup with static IP addresses. anytime I connect to the google mesh network it's assigning a new IP addre...

ryeguyy84 by Community Member
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Wi-Fi Extender

Hello could someone please confirm which Wi-Fi extender we need for a Nest doorbell camera?

vropese by Community Member
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Where on the Google Home app can I find my nest wifi password?

SpinnerD by Community Member
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WiFi point won’t power on

Just installed the Google WiFi - bought at Costco….after everything was up and running successfully….one point stopped working and would not power on. Question - can one be replaced? Or do I have to take the whole system back to Costco? Thank you!!

ShelleyB by Community Member
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cannot connect to nest points

wifi now on google nest router. But I cannot connect to my two nest points. My phone google home app says that it cannot find any other devises. But my google points are on and I hold my phone right next to the point. It still does not find it.

GeneKV by Community Member
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Resolved! Google Nest Wifi Router - Hangs

We have been happy with our Nest WiFi router for at least a year, until few weeks ago problems started. I suspect this is firmware update, but I spent an hour with support person and he couldn't find anything wrong.Randomly every 1-2 days the router ...

adir1 by Community Member
  • 28 replies
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Google Nest Router Died

My nest router completely stopped working. I was streaming TV and wifi cut out. I check the router and it was plugged in, but no lights were on. I tried a different plug, nothing. I tried holding the reset button, also nothing. Any other ideas? Asses...

evanp2 by Community Member
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Resolved! Unable to re-add a previously configured two-point + router network

I’ve tried everything in my somewhat-beyond-ameture capability. TL;DRI had a 2-point plus router network working fine, changed ISP, had to reconfigure, couldn’t. Tried to factory reset, now it doesn’t progress past “failed to update”. Google Nest wif...

Jair by Community Member
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Can I hide ssid from being seen

I bought 3 of the google WiFi mess ac1200. I would like to create a guest network that the ssid can not be seen and does it only use the 2.4 mhz network, trying to connect Wyze products and from what I understand they only use the 2.4 wifi

Jb2022 by Community Member
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