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wifi point offline

I am stumped with one wifi nest point that stubbornly won't move from offline. Have tried to reset the modem and Google router, moved the point to within 10 feet of the router in case there was a distance problem, etc. but it continues to show a soli...

rbmonnat by Community Member
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Nest Wifi slow speed on iPhone vs Laptop

Setup:I have a Gigabit fiber internet at home with a router/modem combo from the provider. It works very well but in the farther rooms the signal drops. I've just bought a Nest Wifi router + 1 point.The Nest Wifi is WAN-wired to the Provider-Router c...

IMG-8276.PNG IMG-8275.PNG
ereze by Community Member
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Shutting down wifi devices at night

Hi I wanted to request a schedule or function that will allow the wifi routers on the network to be shut down at night. Purpose is to reduce wifi transmission when it's not required, so when going to sleep or going away on holidays.

Wi-Fi no internet

My wifi network isn’t connecting to the internet. My guest network is working fine but my primary network isn’t connecting to the internet. I restarting my network and a factory reset. It will work for a day or two then the connection will fail. I on...

ChrisH92 by Community Member
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Connectivity Issues with HP Officejet Pro 8620

Hi - I’m having issues connecting my HP officejet Pro 8620 wirelessly. the printer diagnostics says I need to add the MAC address of the printer to the list of permitted devices for the router. not sure where to go to do that. please let me know.than...

Acevedor by Community Member
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Google WIfi

One of my access points, went offline. it had a blue light. I tried a reset, it had a blinking blue light, then went black.Any idea's?Jim

arthurje by Community Member
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Nest only allows 3 devices connected via a switch?

So I am having an issue with my points going from "Great" connection to "Weak" and then offline. I have tried chatting with google support. The first two times they had my set DNS to google (They said it was required to be google, even though the app...

sddreiter by Community Member
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Goolge Mesh not issuing Gateway for some devices

I have a Google Mesh setup with the main Google router plus 3 mesh repeaters.Overall the system is strong and stable but some devices can't get a Gateway address from the router. They can log on to the main network and get an IP but have no Internet ...

maggip by Community Member
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Resolved! Unable to change Router name

I am able to change the names on points, however, I am unable to do the same with 2 routers; the main router (NAT [standard] mode) and a second router used in bridge mode. on: Google H...