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Is it possible to wire multiple nest wifi pro router together?

Hi there, I'd like to ask a question for constructing network.I'm planing to buy the nest pro router, and construct the network like this graph.A few key points:1. There will be a main router connect to Internet and wired to each different room.2. Ea...


Resolved! Nest wifi in 5-story house

I recently moved to a 5-story rowhouse and am having trouble with my wifi. We have the nest WiFi router plus 4 points (one on each floor), plus a nest camera and two hubs (primarily to monitor the camera). The connection is not good on any of the poi...

Marjinpa by Community Member
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Nest Wifi Slow with Fiber?

Hi, just got Fiber internet. I'm getting 1gb up and down on the speed test in the app; however, my phone sitting 5 feet from the router is only getting around 120-150mb up and down. I was consistently getting 200+ down when I was in plain cable inter...

KerooSeta by Community Member
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Resolved! Does the mest wifi points connect to each other?

Hi,I have nest wifi router and 2 points.One of the points sits in a room far from the router. In the middle there is another point. The one in the middle had great connection. The far one is always weak or disconnected. It seems that it tries to conn...

Kubeb by Community Member
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Connection Issues WiFi Router

My service provider is xfinity Comcast. I am trying to set up a mesh network with 1 Router and 2 Points. I have plugged in the Router and connected it to the xfinity Router. When I attempt to add the new Router to Google Home, it says it is unable to...

I never receive the links that Google says she sends

Tried to sort this out before but with no success. I ask Google questions and often she says she sends me links. They NEVER come. I have checked my account and it seems like the address is right. How do I get this to work? Thanks.

Joyful72 by Community Member
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