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Resolved! WiFi working but not online in Google Home app

My wifi seems to be working fine, speed test app reporting 100/20 on my phone, but the Google Home app says my network is offline. I've restarted my phone to reboot the app but do I need to rush my network and restart the Nest Router too?

sduyvo by Community Member
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Google Wifi not showing up in Google Home App

About 3 weeks ago I noticed that my Google WiFi no longer appeared in the Google Home app. It used to appear there and I could use it. I have unplugged my router and uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I also tried on my wife's iPhone and it doesn't...

Google Wi-Fi Unstable connection w/ latency issues

I have had Google Wi-Fi for about a year and a half and it has worked great for me until the last month or so. I have been experiencing intermittent issues when WFH on my network. When on MS Teams, my calls are freezing and dropping I received logs f...

dazedchaos by Community Member
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Router issues

Router will not connect to internet. Reset to factory default still no connection

Resolved! Paramount Plus Guest Network

Have an interesting problem…Paramount Plus uses your IP address location to determine which local CBS affiliate should be available to you. With my AppleTV on my primary network, the app won’t show the station as available. However with my AppleTV on...

Nest wifi point vs router

Hi, I have 3 nest wifi point ( 2 in first floor and 1 in second floor) and 1 nest router connected to bell router ( in basement). In basement I am getting very week internet. Is the nest wifi connected to bell router will not serve as wifi point ?

Arunm by Community Member
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Resolved! Extending WiFi to an outbuilding

Hello, I’m trying to extend our WiFi connection at our home. We have a computer in an outbuilding (about 40 feet away from the modem in another building) and with our current modem/wifi router setup we get excellent internet speed at the modem but te...

jwickham by Community Member
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LAN stops working when internet goes down

I’m having internet issues with my service provider, but I would expect that the LAN would still work so that I could see the printer, NAS, and other network devices when the internet is down. My three Nest WiFi appear as offline when the internet is...