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Resolved! Google Nest WiFi fails when connecting to a Netgear switch

Hello, Google Nest Wi-Fi has been working fine, no issue. Had a power outage today and had to restart everything, can get google nest wifi to work, however when connecting a Ethernet cable from google nest router to a netgear switch the entire intern...

Bgrove by Community Member
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Google WIFI is assigning a device to the wrong network

I have an Amcrest ASH22 Camera that I had on my network at one point. I don't remember what happened but I ended up needing to do a factory reset and now I cannot get it on the right network. My current devices are all on and anytime I...

ccarmody5 by Community Member
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Connect LG SH6

I'm using nest wifi but can't connect to it with older devices. For example the LG SH6 soundbar.Help

Pi by Community Member
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Nest router + point behind another router

HiI have a summer house where my wifi comes from neighbor house router via Ubiquiti Loco M5 (wireless bridge).Is it possible to set up a mesh with Router+point in my house? Or does the Nest router have to be in router mode?

Crj100 by Community Member
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Resolved! Cant create a group

Hello guys at first i bought the google nest mesh system for better wifi but also for the fact that i could play the same music all over the house at the same time But when i try to create a group, google home seems to not detect the nest wifi speake...

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Resolved! Nest Wifi have 10Gb Ethernet ports

I'm looking to leverage the 10Gb port on my NAS.I have ATT Fiber, I want to get a Mac Studio and have it directly connected to the NAS through the Nest Wifi.I'm simply trying to confirm that the ports on my Nest Wifi will support 10Gb?What's the smal...

Valor by Community Member
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Weak connection and erron in mesh test

My nest point has very weak connection and errors when performing mesh test. Why is that? And how to resolve? When I choose my wifi connection in my device, should I choose the main router / nest point? Thanks!

Can’t setup google fiber

Hello, I am trying to setup my google fiber wifi. I downloaded the app and followed all of the instructions and it fails the setup. I do not get any errors from the Home app during the setup process. I am not able to complete the setup process. It sa...

SydF by Community Member
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Looking to buy Nest

I'm looking to buy a Google Nest as both myself and my wife work from home and are on zoom/teams calls throughout the day.I have Spectrum internet with a Router and Modem currently.Do I need both a Nest Router and Next Points? Or do the points work w...