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Nanoleaf Troubleshooting for Nest Wifi Pro users

Hey Nest Community, Some of you have encountered an issue between Nest Wifi Pro version 3.73.406133 and older versions of Nanoleaf Essentials products (below version 3.6). There is an incompatibility which causes Nanoleaf Essentials devices to become...

Nest WiFi Pro PPPoE dialup

Can the new Nest WiFi Pro do a PPPoE dialup just like the old Google WiFi did? I’m looking to upgrade speed and coverage, but want to make sure I don’t need an extra router for the dialup. My existing Google WiFi dials up just fine (fiber connected t...

OS80 by Community Member
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Resolved! Turn off DHCP IP assignment for clients?

Is it possible to turn off DHCP assignment to clients using Google Wifi, or in the new Nest Pro? And use another device to serve DHCP?

jjgfromnj by Community Member
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Nest Wifi Pro Setup

As all the Wifi Pro devices are now the same ( compared to the prev gen with the router/point combo) - does one HAVE to be connected via ethernet to the ISPs modem/router? Ideally I want to just expand my network via mesh but use the Wifi Pro to just...

SheldonF by Community Member
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WiFi connection disconnect and dropping or offline devices

Google nest is 10 months old worked fine till 3 weeks ago! Now it drops connection, reconnects when Google home app says it’s off line. Google home app for devices has main nest listed as off line but when doing nest test between two nests Google Hon...

Tide by Community Member
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Ways to Connect Nest Wifi Router (*Not the Nest Wifi Point)

So, I am about to move soon. I have a modem/router which is the Netgear C7000 100NAS. It has 4 LAN ports. Now, I am planning to get 2 or 3 Nest Wifi routers (not the Nest Wifi Point) and I have an issue regarding how to connect them not wirelessly bu...

wasabuhi1 by Community Member
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Nest Wifi Pro Devices Connected to Speakers?

I don't understand how the new Wifi Pro works with other devices. Right now, I can interact with the second wifi point in my bedroom to turn off lights, hear music, check the weather, etc. It seems that the new router does not have speaker capabiliti...

WendMan by Community Member
  • 7 replies
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Google Nest Wifi blocking certain sites, how to unblock?

We recently purchased a Nest Wifi and are having issues connecting to a couple sites, receiving message "This site can't be reached". Details:WiFi issue not browser, we tried on Android (Chrome and related App), and on a PC & Mac (in Chrome, Firefox ...

Liz27 by Community Member
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Nest Wifi Point keeps disconnecting from Wifi network

I have used the Nest Wifi setup for almost a year and just this past week the Nest Wifi Point keeps disconnecting from the Wifi daily. Once it disconnects, it will affect the connectivity of the devices connected to it. Devices near or seemingly conn...

LFS by Community Member
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Can’t adjust Google wifi router light brightness

I used to be able to change the brightness level on my wifi routers using a slider to control the precise brightness but it seems that the setting is no longer available. Now all I see is an option to change the status light brightness to off, low, o...

Mkremen by Community Member
  • 8 replies
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issues with streaming on smart tv and mesh?

I've been having ongoing issues with my Smart TV disconnecting from the network during streaming services. I've had LG come out to look at the TV, ATT came out to check the UVerse and everyone blames the other. I had a computer guy here who thinks th...

ksg732 by Community Member
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