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Setting up Nest Wi-Fi as a point

I have a new google router that I’m trying to set up as a point. When I scan it into the google home app it automatically pops up as a router. Is there a way to bypass that?

Cjcorrea by Community Member
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Startup Nest Wi-Fi Network

I set up 3 Nest Wi-Fi devices for a Home Network. Showing on “Network, Points” page:NEST WI-FI ROUTER: 1 nestNEST WI-FI POINTS: two (2) Nest Wi-Fi Routers Great Connection; and, one (1) Nest Wi-Fi Router Offline. That adds up to 4 total Nests, wherea...

Verizon 5G home internet and nest Wifi

Was looking to try out Verizon 5G home internet but was wondering if the nest WiFi system works with it? Making the switch primarily because of cost. I currently use cable internet with the nest system WiFi system.

Jreyes428 by Community Member
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VPN Router for Google Wifi

I am looking at setting up a vpn for my network and I know nest wifi doesn’t support vpn protocols. I’m looking for a router I can install vpn on it and not loose any speed but also not breaking the bank. The router will not be connected for wifi use...

Gumbiejay by Community Member
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wifi - device connecting to wrong hub

I have the 3 google hub setup, all devices work great and have been for years, well one tv speed is very slow, it buffers often when the other tv have does not. Well after troubleshooting we notice the tv that is slow is connecting to a hub across th...

Nest WiFi Router won't connect to the internet

Hey all! I live in an apartment. We have a little box which provides the internet to each apartment. The box contains a telephone and Internet stick (left and right). So when I try to set up the router it says "Connection issues" when trying to check...

Mbk by Community Member
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Resolved! Macbook Air and Google wifi

Since I bought my Macbook Air, I can't access apple services like AppStore, iCloud, even safari, when using the google WiFi connection. I have to connect to a diferent network to use them.

dbmilanes by Community Member
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hard wire google wifi points (ac1200) through a smart switch

Is it possible to hard wire google wifi points together through a smart switch (ie. connect the gray port on 1 wifi device into the smart switch and connect the green port on another wifi device into the samre smart switch, there will already be a ha...

eugene1 by Community Member
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