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New Verizon 5 g connection

Can't get my nest thermostats on line via new Verizon 5 g connection. Will I need some sort of router? Or am I stuck with manual operation?

Azsteve by Community Member
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Resolved! Cant See Wifi Router on Home

Hi,just moved into a house, it came with Nest wifi. It has a Nest Wifi Router and a Nest Wifi Point. In Google Home, I can only see the Nest Wifi Point and have tried a few times to add the Router, but no luck. I’d like to change the Wifi name and pa...

Makushr1 by Community Member
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Unable to connect 2nd nest router: unable to join network

I purchased the three Nest routers from Amazon. I was able to connect the first easily. However, when I attempted to extend the network coverage by adding the 2nd (and 3rd) Nest router, they will not connect to my existing Home.When I try to set up t...

Hhhutch by Community Member
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Network suddenly slow

My network connection has suddenly dropped, I have gigabit service through Verizon Fios, I used to get ~850mbps upload/download. Suddenly 3 days ago, it dropped to ~80mbps. This is both through wifi and wired ethernet connections. I have a Fios route...

MarkWalsh by Community Member
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1 of 3 nodes not upgrading SW version

I’ve been successfully running a home network with one router and 3 nodes for several years. Today I noticed one of the three nodes has a lower software version than the other two. It has a great connection. Any reason it might be “behind schedule” i...

How to set up mesh wifi without a smart phone?

I don't have a smart phone, but all instructions seem to only use a smart phone to set up the Google mesh wifi. Can I use the app on my computer to set up?

713 by Community Member
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Google Nest Wifi with Virgin Hub3 connection issues

Hi, I’m trying to set up my Nest wifi with my Virgin Media Hub 3. The hub is set to modem mode and DHCP, and I’ve done several resets and factory reset on both modem and nest, but keep getting connected toon issues. Sometimes it says ‘connection fail...

Conn82 by Community Member
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IPV6 ‘Still’ Not Working in Google WiFi after Factory Restore.

Hello, linking into this previous thread: Which you have closed without my reply…. I have restored to factory defaults my google WiFi, and hard reset my modem to ensur...

MarkyR74 by Community Member
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Google Nest Wifi Setup not working

Hi all, hoping you can help!Trying to complete the setup of my Nest Wifi router but am stuck with a Connection Failed. I bought this Router in Canada and trying to Use it in India for the first time. Here are the steps I have been able to complete:- ...

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