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My nest won't connect to the WiFi, and I don't no y.I called the internet company but they couldn't help.pls someone help.

Danfoni by Community Member
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Resolved! Wiifi dropping constantly

It looks like the Google router does not have an extended life span. It constantly drops connection and i am constantly resetting the modem and router. Google will not replace their faulty router since I am out of warranty unlike my internet provider...

Sapasa108 by Community Member
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Google Nest wifi router bricked

Our of the blue, my nest wifi system stopped working. There is a blinking red (pinkish) light and does not respond even to the bottom factory reset button. Chatted with cusotmer support and no solution was given. Seems like my 18 month old +$300 syst...

JuliX22 by Community Member
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Google Nest Wifi access point says wrong QR code

Hello, I recently moved house and wanted to start fresh with all my smart devices. Therefore I factory reset my Google Nest wifi devices. The two Routers I have connected perfectly but the two acces point devices says "Wrong QR code" when I scan the ...

Older devices

Both my nest hub and mini (older models) will not connect to my Google Wifi. I suspect it is because they are 2.4 ghz I know that the Google mesh is dual band and should accept both types of device but this appears to not be the case. I have attached...

Spike1815 by Community Member
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Need to force Google Nest Wifi to a 2.4ghz connection on Pixel 5a

I am trying to setup a smart light switch that requires access to a 2.4 ghz internet connection. I use Google Nest wifi which connects automatically to 5 ghz.I've read advice to try setting up the device far from your router, but this is impossible i...

Ethernet port not working

I've seen a couple posts with no resolution on this. I have a feeling it's a feature that's broken on Nest WiFi that worked with Google WiFi.I "upgraded" by getting a new Nest WiFi system. I reset my existing Google WiFi devices and started from scra...

idearat by Community Member
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Replacement for Nest Wifi router because of reboot issue

My router keeps rebooting every 10 minutes which is of course very annoying. I got an email from # saying my router has an issue and it can be replaced for free. However the form that is linked does not work, it just opens Nest Support Homepage.

totter by Community Member
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Acess point

Hi I just upgraded from Google Wi-Fi to Nest Wi-Fi. Can you use the old router as an access point?

Peg68 by Community Member
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WAN configuration times out

When setting up my router the WAN configuration times out. My ISP has checked on their end and no issues - I'm using the right info. Have restarted phone, deleted and re-installed the Home app but no change. Help!

CMoney9 by Community Member
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