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Resolved! SSID

Setting up a nest mesh network. If I use the same SSID and credentials as my old access point, will I need to reconnect all of my devices I.e. cameras, computers, tablets…just trying to make this easy thank you

No Wi-Fi signal in google Wi-Fi points out of range

Just did a factory reset of my Google Wi-Fi routers (3 set). Everything was running smoothly before (though they were interfering w/ a device). They are and were all connected to the Ethernet network of the house but are out of range for mesh/ weak c...


Resolved! Google wifi router PoE support

I have the new Google wifi router + 2 mesh points. I'd like to use an ip camera on my network, which happens to be a PoE (power over ethernet) camera. My current route is to do modem -> router -> PoE injector -> camera; will this work? I've seen arti...

Google Onehub 40% off Coupon for new Nest router

I haven't received yet my 40% off coupon yet from Google to purchase my Google Nest router and the promo expires 1 week from do I get my coupon? Google's support page states "Your OnHub router will continue to work as normal, but won’t re...

bharries by Community Member
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No WI-Fi Icon on the Home App

I just set up the Google Mesh, but cannot change the network name using the App. Every article I read states to go to settings and tap the Wi-fi icon, but no such option exists. I have searched through every icon on the app and nothing is related to ...

tmalley18 by Community Member
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Multiple device not getting internet

I have started getting issues with multiple devices on my network where they are connected to the network, but do not get internet. After doing some digging, I noticed that all of those device are showing a different IP address. My regular network (a...

Des938 by Community Member
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Router has no internet access

So the internet was out from 9am to 10pm yesterday, due to a outage in my area. Now my router does not connect to the network. Still no internet! Any ideas? Placed a ticket for assistance with a call back still waiting on the call. I have pushed the ...

Mgonzo by Community Member
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Resolved! Google Home App iOS15

In Google Home App for iOS I cannot access the settings (gear icon) for my WiFi network, nor run speed tests, or test the mesh, anymore. I reviewed previous questions and solutions, which all direct users to their settings (gear icon) to make changes...

Erowhon by Community Member
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Device speedtests are showing far higher speeds than real world

I recently switched from the original google wifi to the newer nest wifi, and i'm seeing a slight increase in speed, but really not much. After doing a device speed test, a mesh test, and a general speed test, I should be getting about 320-350 mbps t...

Is it/will it be possible to connect nest wifi points to VPNs?

I'm rather concerned across the board about cybersecurity, as I would imagine many others here are. I use VPNs on nearly all my devices, but I'd very much like to be able to hook my wifi directly to it as well, for an extra layer of security (especia...

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