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Ethernet backhaul issue

I have a Google Wifi Router installed in my basement next to my modem. My ISP account speed is 500 mbit. In my basement I have perfect wifi speed at around 500 mbit. On the upper floor (Hallway) I have another Google Wifi Point installed. I backhaule...

WiFi Point has its own network

Hi there, I have setup a Google nest WiFi pro 3 pack and happy with the network . However tonight I have found that one of the WiFi points looks to have it’s own network  I’m not sure how this has happened. Eitherway, I have factory reset the network...

WonTonMJ by Community Member
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Google Wifi Version 14150.376.32 Missing PSK

Trying to reset my WIFI after removing and the sticker had peeled off and gone missing.Reset Google WIFI and loaded 192.168.82..1/api/v1/status (odd your documentation identifies shows but similar to others who have commented in ...

Saterial by Community Member
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How best to hardwire three nest pros

So i know i shouldn't have the main point (router) and a second point both coming from a switch. but if the main router is coming off the modem and feeding the switch, can the other two access points both be fed from that switch? i.e.: Modem > Pro Ro...

Irish3538 by Community Member
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Forced to reboot wifi daily or my speeds suck

I am having the same issue as well. My speeds seem to be fine and then it drops to 25Mbps. I have to reboot the routers or else I get bad speeds. I work from home and am on calls all the time and they constantly drop out or I can't use video because ...

Prioritizing Device. Why So Deep

so u're doing something online.u've clicked the thing u're eagerly hoping would load faster...still same page.. u click again for good measure.. nope.. seems let's open up the Google Home apps. and prioritize my device real on ur phone, u hi...

-thoughts by Community Member
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Wifi point out of range

I have 3 google wifi pucks that have been working for the past 4 years. However, three days ago, the main unit turned to a red light. I had to factory reset and when i made a new network, i tried to connect the other 2 pucks but google home app kept ...

tf2hunts by Community Member
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Wifi router configuration

Can I configure the WAN port to act as a LAN port?

720 by Community Member
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Great to weak mesh connection

My three point google wifi mesh network is generally strong. The points connection is listed as “great” most of the time. However they occasionally drop to weak connection for no reason. This seems to happen mostly in the afternoons. I’ve tried movin...

MrTea123 by Community Member
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