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Nest Wifi Pro LAN speed capped

I just upgraded to the Nest Wifi Pro as my old Nest Wifi system was randomly disconnecting every now and then, very annoying. When setting up the new pro system, my closest point was testing at 300Mbps and the furthest one was testing at 68Mbps. I pl...

Wifi calling

It won’t let me set up my wifi calling I do what it says to do I do it and it hangs up and says not in service

assortina by Community Member
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Google nest WiFi 2nd gen drop outs

The previous conversation has been closed despite not having a resolution. For those interested about their Google mesh setup going offline and points and routers randomly going offline. I noticed that when my two nest hub max devices weren’t connect...

Resolved! Google WIFI to detatched garage

I use a Google Wifi system with three points. I want to get Wifi to my detached garage. Can I run an Ethernet cat 6 cable from one of the points to a point or a switch in the detached garage to extend service out there? It is about 150' from the clos...

jcat24 by Community Member
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Nest Mesh wifi devices not updating and will not speed test

My Google Home app and Nest WiFi system will not show all my devices and the devices it does show do not show any usage. I have several networked devices that up until the first of the month (Nov 2023) showed usage and information about them when I s...

Duewester by Community Member
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Unable to add nest WiFi point SE

Same problem as in I live in Sweden. Router"countryCode": "nordic",AccessPoint"countryCode": "NO",Everything...

Leafors by Community Member
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Google wifi wired connection to nest wifi router

Hi everyone, Compleet noob here, but I need help. I have the following setup. Modem has cable going to Nest Wifi router. Nest wifi router has cable going to switch. Switch has 2 cables going to Google wifi points. However it seems like the wifi point...

Rogier79 by Community Member
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