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An update for our Nest Secure, Dropcam, and Works with Nest Users and Developers Read more

Update for Nest x Yale Lock and Nest Detect Users Read more

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Nest Connect remplacement

Greetings!We have a Nest X Yale lock installed on our front door. We recently renovated our house, and the construction workers accidentally threw out our Nest Connect with the wall they were demolishing. We've been trying to look for a remplacement ...

Sarah4 by Community Member
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Same Nest tag at multiple locations

Can the same Nest Tag be used at multiple locations with the same person? I was previously a member at my gfs home and had a current Nest Tag for my gfs home. I was able to use the same key Nest Tag at my primary home when I setup my new Neat Secure ...

Hhv234 by Community Member
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Any Third Party Security Systems Integrate With Google Home?

I failed miserably at trying to get Nest Secure to work with my Google Mesh router and Google Home App. I finally had to give up and return it since the support for Nest Secure is non-existent. My question is does anyone know of a DIY Security produc...

Issues with Lock and Unlock in Nest App

My lock and unlock abilities in the Nest App are extremely sporadic. I can use them one minute and then the next it doesn’t work and I get a “Something went wrong. The app had trouble connecting to the Nest Service. Try Again.” I have factory reset m...

Tmase5 by Community Member
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Instructions for set up

I need step by step help setting up. What do you set up first — the lock or the thing you plug into the wall. I can’t get either of them to connect to my WiFi. There is no one to call for help.

Hefe490 by Community Member
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Resolved! fixing a Nest x Yale wobbly lock spindle

Just bought a house with a Nest x Yale device on the front door. After replacing the dead batteries, the deadbolt will only engage manually, not through the Nest device. The door locking spindle is very wobbly in the Nest device and doesn't seem to "...

mjsjms by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest Connect - NA004 in every scenario

Yesterday I decided to buy a Nest x Yale Lock with the Nest Connect, and the Nest Connect has been a nightmare.First, I was successful with connecting the Nest Connect to my home wifi network, but ran into issues connecting the Nest Connect with the ...

altjx by Community Member
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Nest Lock Keypad unresponsive

Arrived home ... tried to unlock the door using the keypad from the outside. The touchpad was completely unresponsive. No lights, no sounds... nothing, completely dead. The app said the door lock was offline. Luckily I was able to get in another way....

kcbillings by Community Member
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Factory Reset on Nest Guard without tags and code?

hi! we bought an apartment with Nest Guard and unfortunately I don’t have tags and code (when I connect Nest Guard to power, the siren turns on). how to make Factory Reset on Nest Guard without tags and code?

StamBaSS by Community Member
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