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An update for our Nest Secure, Dropcam, and Works with Nest Users and Developers Read more

Update for Nest x Yale Lock and Nest Detect Users Read more

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Nest Yale on 3” Thick Door

How can I install Nest x Yale on a 3” Thick Door?

LQ by Community Member
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Nest Camera Battery Dies Even When Wired

My wired camera keeps saying the battery is dead. I've had it for less than a year and it's been fine until a week ago. I did a factory reset last week and it was at 100% right after the reset but it's been plugged in since day 1. Why does it keep do...

Shelle by Community Member
  • 8 replies
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Will Nest Secure work with Matter?

Does anyone know if Nest Secure will work with Matter? I know it is past its guaranteed software support period, but it already supports Thread so it only makes sense. I haven't been able to find anything on Google about it.

Nest Yale Tamper Alarm goes off for no reason (v2)

Reopening a thread that was closed. I had this recurring for some time. Support had me do a full reset and then unplug and replug the miniature plugs inside. Held up for a while with some improvement and then happened again.Need a way to disable the ...

Alec4444 by Community Member
  • 16 replies
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Silent alarm on Nest Secure?

I'd like the option of monitoring the home on the app while away from the house, without sounding the alarm or requiring someone to disable a blaring alarm. Mainly to see when kids might be coming and going, or of course if someone has entered withou...

Hug54 by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Yale X Nest Lock Will Not Lock

I'm on my 2nd Yale X Nest lock in a year. They both have had the same issue. When attempting to lock it says it can't lock it is jammed. This happens even when I press the lock button with the door open. Now the lock just doesn't do anything....

Yale Lock doesn't connect to Nest Connect

After finally getting the Nest Connect to connect to the Wifi (required setting up an additional home, different from the Learning Thermostats), now the Lock cannot find the Nest Connect, which is 5ft away. How do I get the Lock to find the Connect? ...

RyanJivi by Community Member
  • 21 replies
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Enable privacy mode on Nest Yale lock from Google routine.

I am trying to figure out if it's possible to set the lock to privacy mode using a Google routine. I am looking to disable the lock for security when I go to bed. Is this a feature or something that Google is looking to add?

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