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Hi there, it looks like you have 2 posts addressing the same thing. We are going to merge them together.

GarrettDS by Community Specialist
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Ok latest update, I used a very old iPhone se that I had not updated the Google home app. Success now Woking fine. I assume that it’s the updated app that’s the problem.please Google sort it.

Bean by Community Member
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Resolved! Google mini nest 2

Hi! My google nest mini 2 boots itself, i mean i saw 4 dots all coloured and after all it didn't response to anything. I tried factory setting but i can't because it only appear 2 dots when i unpllugged.

Alina by Community Member
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Routine with news and media

When making a routine, the play media option is always last and cannot be used more than once. I want a "good morning" routine that tell me the news and then start my favourite radio station. This seems impossible.The media option "news" is always la...

MrBrownie by Community Member
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Google Hub black screen

As a lot of other threads in this community I'm facing the same issue, my Hub goes dark and becomes unresponsive.Tried reset, factory reset, complete wipe, all to no avail.I'm automatically rebooting the Hub now every hour to keep it working using a ...

Edwin by Community Member
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Having issues with nest google speaker

My Google nest keep powering off and Resetting itself I have done a factory reset I’ve disconnected reconnected changed Wi-Fi changed rooms and have no success. Tried to contact support with no success either really frustrating

Bens by Community Member
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