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Nest Mini vs Pixel 7 Pro voice response

My Nest Mini responds to Hey Google and Okay Google voice prompts, except when my new Pixel 7 Pro intervenes or tries to intervene. The Pixel 7 Pro does this even when its screen is dark or when it is slumbering. Can I get the Nest to respond to a ni...

Sorry, I don't know where to play the video.

I get the same answer for more and more questions or what i ask for. Its “Sorry, I don't know where to play the video. Please tell me the excact name off the screen.” I mean, I just asked to open settings and the answer was that sentence. Why does th...

sacc by Community Member
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Controlling TV volume when using speakers

I have speakers near my TV (Just moved my living room around and put them back near the TV) I used to speak to the speakers and the TV volume would dip to allow my commands to be heard. This is not happening now. Does anyone know how to set this back...

jkdpaul by Community Member
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Feature Request: Ability to Schedule Screen Timeout

I like that I can let the screen time out and turn black when no-one is using it but I also like to see the photo frame or clock when I'm awake and around. It would be nice to be able to schedule the screen timeout behavior so that I can set it to do...

Matthias by Community Member
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Xiaomi & ezviz cameras not streaming on display

I can't stream my xiaomi cameras and my ezviz cameras on either the hub 2 display or my chromecasts.I linked and unlinked the account multiple times and it still says that it can't stream.I also checked the network connection , I have a mesh network ...

Nizar by Community Member
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Disable Youtube video on Nest hub

Hi,I'm using the Nest Hub to play music from Youtube (Premium, if it makes any difference).How can I disable all the Video content and switch to Audio-only mode when playing songs? (content filters don't seem to allow this kind of behaviour). Thanks!

bmd by Community Member
  • 16 replies
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My Nest mini doesn't answer.

I ask many different questions to my speaker, but it doesn't answer anything. It just says, "Sorry! Something was wrong. Try again in a few seconds", then I ask again, unsuccessfully.I restarted it many times, and nothing. what should I do?

gmmauro by Community Member
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Google Hub will not stream Nest Camera requires reboot

I have 4 Nest Outdoor Cameras that I stream to Google Hubs (1 MAX and 2 Mini) inside my home. I have been doing this for years with no issue. About 2 weeks ago a problem started happening where all of my Google Hubs (Max and Mini) will stream my Nest...

rmazz76 by Community Member
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