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Software Issues with Nest Hub

I have some software bugs with my Nest Hub. It is new within the last two weeks, so I wouldn't expect these to be update or age related. I mostly use it for recipes, so that it the majority of my issues:When I have a recipe open and click the buttons...

nbreese9 by Community Member
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Nest Wifi + UE Megaboom sync up...

Hello!I have a Nest Wifi set-up with a hub in the living room and two nest points in the bedrooms. The wifi points are speakers, so we have synced Spotify music in the bedrooms, but I'd love to have the same music playing from the speaker I have in t...

mdini by Community Member
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Nest Home Hub no longer recognizes me

I am the owner of the Google home hub and 5 speakers we have around the house. I am recorded as the owner and it is connected to my account. Since yesterday my speakers think I am my daughter meaning I am unable to give a voice command to access my r...

JoanP by Community Member
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playlist alarm on google home mini not working

It seems almost impossible to have my google home mini set a music alarm to play one of my playlists. I have tried various names for my playlist and it always says it will play some strange song that I never heard of before and that is not in my play...

Chuck-H by Community Member
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Bricked. Let it set for months. Tried all the tricks. Now Google sends me an ad to buy another????????? Fix mine. Gray screen. Won’t reset. Unplugged for months. Changes outlets. Nothing. Google bricked it. Give me a $100 credit or two new ones since...

TimJ58801 by Community Member
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