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Nest app

I can no longer log into nest app on my iPhone or iPad. I still receive notifications when the cameras see anything. My partner has an iPhone & has no problems. Any ideas?

Lms by Community Member
  • 7 replies
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Cannot unlink Twinkly device

Hey,A while ago my wife added Twinkly lights to our Google Home. However recently I updated the firmware of the device and now it’s listed as “Offline” in the Google Home app. I am able to control the lights via its official app. When I try unlinking...

RadeM by Community Member
  • 9 replies
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App won’t play videocontent

All I see is a single image won’t play when I click on it, even if it says there’s an x amount of seconds recorded.I just upgraded from the free trial, might that be why?

Help Logging into Nest - New Phone # - Can’t 2 Step Authenticate

Hello, I have an non-migrated Nest account. The nest app accepts my username & password which are correct. However, I recently got a new iPhone & phone number with AT&T. My nest account must have my former cell phone # associated with the 2 step auth...

Bdowns by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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My app is no longer registering my thermostat. My only option in the app is to add product. When I select “add product” it instructs me to go to thermostat settings and retrieve the “product key code” (there is no QR code to scan on my thermostat). W...

Google home error with lutron caseta

I have several google homes (max, regular, mini) and Lutron, Hue, Feit iOT lights installed. Recently, google home says it can no longer connect to Lutron. I unlinked lutron, and tried to relink. However was unable to get google home to let go of lut...

Moxie by Community Member
  • 7 replies
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My microphne does not work... as Google Home does not respong.... How to set up the microphone. Thank you

Noella by Community Member
  • 5 replies
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Resolved! Added member

How does a new member use my home app? Since i am the manager and added my lady, does this mean i have to sign in on her phone once we dl the app on her phone?

Can't add a home entry guest

I am trying to add a Home Entry Only guest to one of my Nest properties and cannot. Yes I am able to add guests to the other properties. Anyone have such a situation? How did you solve. And no, I don't have 10 or more guests already listed. Only five...

BSS9878 by Community Member
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Find my phone

I got a new phone, but can't get my Google Home to ring that instead of my old phone when I ask where my phone is.