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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Help Center where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

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3 of 6 cameras and thermostat won't connect to Nest app anymore

I have 5 cameras (4 outdoor and one older Dropcam indoor) and one thermostat that were flawlessly connected to the app for years. A few weeks back the thermostat, and 3 of the cameras stopped connecting to the app. I first though it was a wi-fi issue...

iPhone not communicating when connecting home

I’m trying to reconnect an old google home mini speaker that got disconnected when I changed ISP. I factory reset it since there was no other East way (geniuses at google). As you can see by the screenshots, I can detect it and pair it, but when conn...

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Strange email from Google

Today I received this message in an email: "You no longer have any Nest products in (my town). This will be the last report for this home until a new Nest product is added to it."I have a Nest thermostat, three Nest Protects, a Nest Mesh Router, seve...

threej by Community Member
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Nest Hub useless for users not speaking GA supported language?

First of all, I have to say that Google's Assistant (in English) is far superior to any other that I've tried. That's why google home mini is the only non-apple device I own.And I understand that Croatia is not that big of a market to develop a langu...

ibhr by Community Member
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Update on limited household controls?

Hey there - Is there an update on when restrictions can be placed on household members? I would like to grant video visibility without allowing that member to turn off/adjust settings on the cameras. All comments I've seen on this topic just say that...

Geeni not working with Google home

Geeni does not show up in my list of companies attached yet somehow still attached you can't relink or unlink it I've tried everything and google says they will call me back but never does this is on many occasions I've even tried geeni with no help

How Does Copy Week Work

The copy day option is simple enough, but seeing as how you can only program one week and see one week, what is the purpose of the copy week option? If I copy the week the only place I have to paste it is over the same week. So essentially I would be...

google home app finish set up

Hi All, Trying to get my wife connected to our home App , I invited her and she joined it, but none of our speakers recognized her voice and in the home app on her phone it says finish the setup by connecting to your home's wifi. I have pressed on th...

andy_b by Community Member
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Google Nest Hub / Google Assistant

Why do you sell a product into a country that does not support Voice enabled Sonos connections ? I find it so frustrating that I cannot connect any of my Sonos speakers to the Google Assistant as it is not available in New Zealand.

Moochie by Community Member
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