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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Help Center where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

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Google Home

Hey there.I’d like to cast some videos on TV but I can’t download the Google Home app on Apple Store. It says it’s not available for my country. Do you think you will be able to make it available for Montenegro? I don’t know if this is something I sh...

n1n4 by Community Member
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Two Step Verification

I do not want to convert to the Google login. I am using 2 step verification on my account and it is working fine. Issue is when my wife needs to login to our account using the same user id and password as me the 2 step verification number comes to m...

tihso by Community Member
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You tube not working

You tube not working in anyway by the not casting or whether saying play something on you tube screen is just black

Moved and cannot setup 2 month old Yale Lock NA030

I’m trying to add my Yale Nest lock in my Nest app but before that I need to add Nest Connect but I’m having problems connecting my nest connect to the network. CODE NA030My new home uses an all in one Cox Panoramic WiFi Router. The last thread was l...

GizmoKS by Community Member
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Need help with casting

Hello,I have a TCL Google TV on which I am trying to cast a video from Chrome browser on my laptop. Although the casting starts off well, it becomes choppy and video delay starts building up. Audio is fine but starts to not sync when the image is soo...

xtina420 by Community Member
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Video download

I'm not able to down load video. My internet is current. The modem and router have been rebooted. Will stay in notification bar all day displaying "waiting for network connection" but never downloads

JayH37 by Community Member
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Google home and vera control

Hi i bought new google nest mini and i try to connect google home to vera control. It connect ok but i see all my devices as offline and cant control them throw google home. In vera app and alexa all ok and devices working well but in google home all...

Fastest by Community Member
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Google home app shared controls

I am a university student connecting to a shared wifi network across all of campus. My pixel 4a gives me a notification saying I have shared controls with a smart TV on campus, I can adjust the volume and see what they are watching/playing ect... I c...

JeremyT by Community Member
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