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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Help Center where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

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Speaker Group

Ive tried to include my Nest Hub in a speaker group, but I don't have the option? Ideas?

Sweet_T by Community Member
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How to remove old phones from account

I have a google nest that I often use to call my own phone or my wife's to locate them. Whenever I say "Hey google call my phone" It rattles off a long list of every phone I have ever owned or signed into even once. I want to remove these from the ac...

Multiple households with same room names

I have two households setup, one for my house and one for my parents. Both homes have a room named "living room" until recently when I said "turn off the living room" everything in my home's living room would turn off (lights, fan, xbox, tv) however ...


Hoi IK Ben keano en IK west het niet meet  

Ifh by Community Member
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Wyze camera won’t load

My Wyze cameras will load on my Google Nest Hub, but will no longer show on my iPhone google home app. I reset my Hub, deleted the app from my phone, restarted my phone, restarted the cameras and they still will not load. When I go to the Wyze app th...

Photos refuse to slideshow when idle

I’m trying to get my Home to use my photos for idling screensavers in my bedroom but the Home app refuses to find the photos… I’ve tried creating a shared album in iCloud, I’ve restarted my Home device, I’ve emailed Home account with the photos. noth...

Google home password

Hello I set up Google Home last night and when I went to use it through our smart tv it asked for a password which I don't have/know .After troubleshooting I established that you need to click on favourites with the but it won't open ..All the other ...

Des17 by Community Member
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