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Nest Cam powiadomienia/alerty

Witam,Kupiłem kamerę Nest Cam. W ustawieniach włączyłem wszystkie pozwolenia na dostęp, powiadomienia itd. Niestety nie otrzymuje alertów o wykryciu ruchu(dźwięku chyba nie posada). Chciałem używać jej jako "niani" i ta funkcja jest mi niezbędna.Pros...

No Partner Connections found

I've installed 2 Nest Doorbells and am trying to get them to work with Alexa. When I choose Partner Connections, I get "No Partner Connections Found". Help!

welder by Community Member
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Nest doorbell battery not saving video

Our doorbell shows no events recorded for today although there was activity. Our subscription is good, the doorbell function works and rings on our nest hub, and the live function works. Using the troubleshooter says "We couldn't find any Wi-Fi data ...

PaulF1 by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest Drop Cam

i have 4 nest drop cams. I've had them for approximately 10-12 years and never encountered any problems with changing wi-fi network (when I've changed to new routers). Recently, I mistakenly reset my router. I was able to attach my nest doorbell to t...

renorhea by Community Member
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Nest Doorbell Camera

Nest Doorbell Camera I have had this doorbell for over a year and the camera was working great. Now it still chimes but the camera is not working. I’ve tried everything, through the app, scanning the code, reinstalling the app. What do I do?

Lissabw1 by Community Member
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Google IQ cameras not worth the money

I had 2 nest IQ outdoor cameras just stop working after a few years and the company's response after them draging out email after email after email asking me to take pictures and videos then to tell me sorry you just wasted $800plus. I felt very assu...

Nest doorbell & camera won’t link to wifi

Good afternoon, I’ve recently switched from BT broadband to Virgin Media, and my Google nest thermostat, google nest mini and google nest hub all connected to the new broadband absolutely fine. My nest doorbell and nest outdoor/indoor cam just will n...

Jordan02 by Community Member
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