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Cameras and Doorbells

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Nest Cam Indoor (1st gen) expanded support rolling out in the Public Preview of ... Read more

Forum Posts

Nest doorbell wired 2nd Gen mounting plate replacement

I have a nest wired 2nd gen doorbell, but do not have the mounting bracket for it. Sometime between opening the box several weeks ago and today the bracket went missing and I need to get a replacement. Where or how can I get a replacement mounting br...

Jipreston by Community Member
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Nest cameras not playing recordings

Hello. I have 4 nest cameras in total. 2 indoors and 2 outdoors. I am subscribed to nest aware as well. However, all of a sudden the cameras when recording, I cannot view the playback. I can view live no problem, I also see that they are storing vide...

Ak96 by Community Member
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Google Nest Gen 2 Indoor - Event Recording

How do you get the camera to correctly record an event from start to finish? The camera does not record events consistently. For example, a Vehicle event will be recorded, and the event recording starts with the vehicle in the center of the Activity ...

LochRaven by Community Member
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Battery nest cam wont power on even when plugged in

My roommate bought the Nest Cam battery indoor/outdoor nestcam.It worked good. He since has passed .The camera sat in a drawer for approx a year. I just came across it and decided to try to get it running. I put the camera on the electric cordBut, th...

Resolved! Can’t add doorbell 2nd generation wired to nest app

The doorbell has added to google home. When i try to add the doorbell to the nest app, i scan qr code, it accepts it then directs me to do the setup on google home. I click the button to get to google home and that’s where I am stuck. It doesn’t pass...

Polna by Community Member
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iOS will not notify google nest doorbell notifications

Cant get notifications on iOS phoneSetup Google Home App with doorbell on iPhone.Was working fine for about 1 year then recently noticed that I stopped getting any doorbell notificationsI went and checked iPhone Settings -> Apps -> Notifications - Ho...

Sssssss by Community Member
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