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Cameras and Doorbells

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Nest doorbell (battery) hardwired but not recognizing

I have the nest doorbell battery version. Initially I was taking it off the wall and charging it. I then hardwired it and changed the transformer so it worked and it was showing that it was plugged in with an infinity symbol. However as of lately, wh...

Jdgoal by Community Member
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How to Stream Live Video to Youtube

What is the best method to stream live video 24/7 from an outdoor security camera to my youtube channel using an outdoor security camera such as Nest outdoor camera or similar? I would like to know all aspects of the type of camera to use and setting...

oblomov10 by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Damaged doorbell connecting wire

Hello. Our Google Nest doorbell lost power and in our efforts to fix the problem, the connecting wire that goes from the doorbell to our wires at the doorbell got damaged and the clamps fell off that secure the wires. Where can I buy that part? The d...

Claytor08 by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Nest cam IQ outdoor flashing red circle

I have two nest cam IQ outdoor installed. One of my cameras gone offline, when checked, a red circle was flashing. Checked the probable fault issue described in, it says "Insufficient power. Your camera is plugged in but there's not enough p...

Badri by Community Member
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nest cam 2nd generation

Hello was wondering if anyone had an issue with indoor wired camera. I plug it in and it immediately starts blinking yellow slowly not fast. I have tried to reset it and nothing will happen any thoughts or troubleshooting ideas I can proceed with tha...

Wireless cam only sends notifications while charging

We received a battery operated nest cam as a gift. We set it up and began to charge it using its charging cable. While charging it would send notifications of people and animals to my phone. After it had completed charging I removed the cable. I noti...

Goopy by Community Member
  • 9 replies
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