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Cameras and Doorbells

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Comparing the new 2nd generation Nest Cam (indoor, wired) to its predecessor, Ne... Read more

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Nest App and integrate cameras

Hello to all. I have 2 nest hubs (2nd generation) and 2 nest cam wired (2nd generation) integrated in google home, but installed app nest, i don't see these cameras. what can i do for integrate with nest app?Thanks

Nest Doorbell wired not plying event video

Hi,just installed a second nest hello. Everything is fine except the playback video of a captured event doesn’t play. I see the duration of the event but when clicking the frame of the event just get a picture. ALL other functions are working well (b...

Continuous Live Feed not working

Until 2 days ago have had no issues with all events showing in feed. Now nothing even though there are events. We have Nest Aware, I've unplugged and reset, tried everything I know to do short of deleting app and starting all over. Is there anyother ...

robynw by Community Member
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Google Nest Camera plugged in, but shows on battery

I bought Google Nest Cameras (Model GA01317-US) with the 30' charging cables. 2 of my cameras work fine and show plugged in. 1 of my cameras shows on battery and idle. The charging cable is plugged in and I have tried several outlets that work. The b...

hermrc by Community Member
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Flood light gone from nest home

The light from my Nest floodlight cam suddenly disappeared from Google home. This has happened since before but I still can’t find an explanation as to why. Does anyone have any thoughts. I’ve read through the similar posts but there doesn’t seem to ...

Bhs506 by Community Member
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Doorbell camera

I want to continuously live stream my googI want to continuously live stream my google doorbell but it times out. How do i keep it on? le nest doorbell but it keeps timing out