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YoutubeTV cast unstable from Pixel 6 Pro

I am casting YoutubeTV from a Pixel 6 Pro to both a Chromecast Ultra and a Nest Hub. The cast will consistenly drop after about 5-10 minutes of casting. I believe that I first started noticing this issue right around the time after my phone updated t...

gp-- by Community Member
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TCL Google TV Can't be added to room

My TV with Chromecast TV built-in is visible on the Google Home App under "Other Cast Devices", but I can not manage it like other connected devices, for example I cannot move it to a specific room.Also it disappears if I'm not using the Home App con...

Engur_0-1669993505613.jpeg Engur_1-1669993505615.jpeg
Engur by Community Member
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Resolved! Chromecast TV asking for pin and not allowing me to view device in Home

Hello!I recently changed my WiFi information and reconnected my devices. My CC Tv keeps asking me for a pin every time I open the Home app, but I cannot locate a pin anywhere in the CC TV settings. I’ve tried turning on the view for ambient mode and ...

jojomexi by Community Member
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Resolved! Google Chromecast does not detect an ethernet cable

We have had this Chromecast working over WIFi fine. Unfortunately due to an unstable WiFi connection we were experiencing lag. This made us want to switch to an Ethernet connection, but when I go to the network & internet settings it does nog detect ...

Resolved! Does it allow an alternative way to power the Chromecast?

I had used some other dongles to stream video to a TV, and they drew power from a USB port on the same TV. That is the dongle is plugged into both a HDMI port and a USB port on the TV.For Chromecast with Google TV 4K, it has a separate power adapter ...

swong10 by Community Member
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‘Hey Google’ keeps going back to Google Assistsnt

Hey guys. I have connected and set up - have voice matched and all working. But when I say ‘Google play Netflix’ for example - the tv keeps going back to Google Assistant set up. I allow and activate but when I try and say something it goes back to t...

How does an Android Samsung phone stream to Chromecast with Google TV

May I ask how does my Android phone stream its content to a "Chromecast with Google TV" when playing a 4K video? A decoded 4K 60 fps video on my cell phone has a lot of data to stream to a TV through Chromecast. Can Chromecast use WIFI to stream from...

swong10 by Community Member
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Does my Chromecast with Google TV support 4K 60 fps

Does my "Chromecast with Google TV" support 4K 60 fps? I just bought one for $29 at Walmart, the box and the user guide only says "Chromecast with Google TV 4K" and does NOT say 60 fps. But there is another sale for $49 and explicitly described as "C...

swong10 by Community Member
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