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multiple account, one google nest mini

hi My girlfriend and I jut got given a nest mini. And she connected her spotify account to it, then sent an invite for me to join the household for it. My question is, how can I play my spotify account instead of hers? I looked around to see how to f...

chale66 by Community Member
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Cannot connect to Nest service

I started to sign up for Nest Aware when service went down and now I can't connect to cameras or thermostat. I need help restoring service.

Amf by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Hi, I recently installed two Google Nest cameras. I am wondering if there's a way to take a snapshot during video replay. I have other cameras that allow it but I can't seem to figure out if the Nest cameras do. Please assist. Thank you!

Multiple Home/Structure discounts

Can you tell me why Nest doesn't offer an attractive multiple home/structure discount for Nest Aware plus? Is this on the horizon to make this product more competitive?Thanks

mikey2x by Community Member
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Nest aware

I used to have nest aware when I lived in PA. Now that I moved to Jersey and set up my doorbell and cameras it says nest aware not available in some areas. I literally just bought two cameras. Now I can’t set the zone and my notifications are going o...

Nest aware

Hopefully someone can help. I used to have a nest subscription for my hub max and then I cancelled it about a week ago. But I needed to find a clip and the videos were deleted, I've now resigned back up to neat aware in hope I'd have access to the cl...

Tiggz1178 by Community Member
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Nest camera subscription

I just paid for the event only subscription but would like to actually pay the difference and upgrade to the 24 hour surveillance Please help.

Alex21 by Community Member
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