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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Aware Help Center where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

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Nest Aware Plus have not received pro rated refund

Recently upgraded to Nest Aware Plus have not received pro rated refundI cannot even find my account to see why my credit card has been charged $120 for 'Google Nest'!!! This Nest/Google Home is a piece of crap, ever since Google took over!!! How do ...

jriccardi by Community Member
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Camera views

Why does the view on my mobile, show the scene the right way up, yet the view on my pc shows the scenes upside down? I have 2 cameras - one showing the front and the other the back garden.

Vron by Community Member
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Nest Payment Change

I can't log into Nest Aware because my login email from my nest account isnt recognized by google login page. I need to change my cc info and the systems arent connectedPlease advise ASAP

danyobe by Community Member
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Google nest router

My best router every time I try to connect it to my modem it keeps coming up problem connecting to the cloud and my nbn provider can’t work it it out as in there end my nbn is working fine any one no how to

Will not recharge battery

I removed to recharge it and plugged it in using multiple locations and plugs and will not recharge

Jgiamhere by Community Member
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2nd gen indoor wired camera only recording 3 hours

I have the 2nd gen indoor wired cameras in my apartment. I tried to find them on the nest app and didn't see them as an option when adding a device. I went through the setup as google home. Now the cameras are only keeping events for 3 hours. I am pa...

Nest camera, nest floodlight, nest aware, nest app, google home

Hi Brad,I purchased the Nest Floodlight Camera. It's installed and set up through Google Home.I also have the Nest Doorbell Camera.The doorbell camera works with the nest app., When I tried setting up the floodlight camera through the Nest App, it re...

Face detection is now worse than useless

My nest doorbell worked reasonably well for facial recognition, but since we added Nest floodlight cams and Nest indoor cams the facial recognition has become absolutely terrible. It’s affected recognition on the doorbell too! When it thinks my 7 yea...

Paullomax by Community Member
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