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Updates on Nest Protect and pending Scottish legislation changes

Hey everyone, I appreciate everyone’s patience as they’ve shared their feedback and questions regarding the pending Scottish legislation changes. We’re aware of the proposed legislation changes to the fire and smoke alarm standard in Scotland requiri...

RachelC by Googler
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Out of Reach and Stupid as Hell

This is the most infuriating thing to have to take time out of my day to do: complain to you all about a design flaw that is so careless...I wanna know if you've just got a bunch of retired W/NBA players working for you? I moved into a house where th...

AmBiguous by Community Member
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Replacement Ceiling Play for Nest Protect

Hello,I am in search of retailers that sell ceiling mounting plates for the Nest Protect. Two were lost when repainting. I have contacted customer service but they will not provide plates because the Protects are out of warranty. However they would n...

Maspba by Community Member
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Drywall work is setting off Nest Protect

I’m doing drywall work and the dust keeps setting off my Nest Protect. I don’t want to keep pushing the stop button on the alarm. Any suggestions?

DeenaK by Community Member
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Another Worthless Product - Protect from Nest/Google

I like how there are no drop-down choices for "NEST PRODUCTS DO NOT WORK CORRECTLY" Nest Protect alarms go off claiming there is a fire when there isn't. No dust, in the right place, etc... but still an occasional alarm. This is bad enough. But then ...

JoeyO14 by Community Member
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Nest Sensor won’t work

Hello, I’ve had my Nest Temperature Sensor about 4 months and during a power outage it lost connectivity and since then it won’t connect. I’ve changed batteries and all but nothing. Best Buy won’t exchange since out of 90 days. Anything else google c...

Resolved! Does Nest Smoke alarm have google assistant built in?

I am looking to replace my smoke detectors and currently have Google Mini's in many rooms to access google assistant. Does the smoke alarm have assistant built in so I can control my other devices? i.e. lights, thermostat, etc.

Nest Protect lost internet connection

I have four nest protects, and one nest thermostat. The thermostat is fine, but the Nest Protects have lost connection to the internet. I have not changed my router or password. I cannot remove the devices to scan the QR code. I just need to get thes...

sdwisc by Community Member
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Deleted Home Account accidentally

I deleted a Home account that had a Nest Doorbell attached to it. I’m now trying to add that doorbell to another Home account that has other Nest Cameras and two Nest thermostats. I’m being told I cannot add that doorbell because it is attached to an...

Jimwaltman by Community Member
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