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Get to know Google Nest Wifi Pro (Wi-Fi 6E) Read more

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Resolved! Two Google Wi-Fi wired to ISP modem/router

I’ve acquired 06 Google WiFi’s to install in a two-story apartment here in Brazil.One is connected with the ethernet cable to the back of my ISP modem and became the Primary Google Router while the remaining 5 are wireless points.Can I connect 2 Goog...

Google nest wifi

Hello, I have had a mesh system for a number of years, 3 I believe. It had served me well in the past. I have set my network up with 2 nest routers, and two nest points, with 1 of the mesh routers as a point along with the other two previously mentio...

Wifi node dropping Internet speed

I have Xbox ones and smart tvs and a gaming that I have converted into a server and I’m having speed issues the modem provided form my service provider read a gig speed entering the home the router provided by Google reads gig speeds at the router bu...

Cam117 by Community Member
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Google WiFi to Google Home

Hello, I’ve had a Google WiFi mesh in my home for a number of years with no issue. Since Google no longer supports the app, I am trying to add the mesh network to the Google Home app. It doesn’t show up as a recognized devise when I try to integrate ...

Anthem by Community Member
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Wifi hub with no QR, no setup code, status API doe..

Like Ohnomywifi, I am having the same problem. No QR, API status does not contain a psk to connect manually.I've been running two google mesh networks for 5 years with no problems. This one device is presenting problems but I wanted to try one more t...

kspear by Community Member
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New software upgrade did not fix speed issue

I got the new software update that was supposedly going to fix all the issues that people are having with slow connections to the internet, but it did nothing to change my situation.Doing an internet speed test from the Google Home app CONSTANTLY rep...

drrmjones by Community Member
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Google mesh

Hello!I am having trouble setting up my google mesh x3.I am connected with one that is connected to the modem, but when I try and connect the additional two I will get to a point to choose what room it’s in and when I go to the next page it tells me ...

Shane729 by Community Member
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Can't connect Nest Wifi to Lte modem/router

Hi there, I live where we have limited internet options.I have an Lte Cat 18 modem router combo that is our only option although I realize it's not ideal.I was gifted a Google nest router and points but I can't get it to work. I have tried to put the...

Nest WiFi Pro will not connect to cable modem

I bought the 3-pack. I am not able to get the mesh network to connect directly to my cable modem. If I plug the WAN port into my prior router (Amplifi HD), it works fine and the network has decent performance. What do I have to do to connect directly...