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no ip address

spectrum is my ISP. I set up a Google mesh network and everything was working great until i moved and got a new modem from them. . When they finished, my modem connected but the Wi-Fi router wouldn’t. After numerous restarting of the modem and router...

Inconsistent Speed with Router Devices?

Periodically, (every 2 or 3 weeks) I will need to do a full network restart to get my speeds back to normal. In the app, it will say things like "815 Mbps last tested two days ago" indicating my wifi speeds are fine (however, my wifi speed is unconfi...

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Dukefrukem by Community Member
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Nest WiFi nightmare after storm

We had a storm today so my ISP (spectrum) went down. But I have a backup thru Verizon cellular internet. Tried connecting my google WiFi router and 4 points to the Verizon system and keep getting the error that it’s not connected to the internet. My ...

SteveL63 by Community Member
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Most Recent Google Nest Wifi Firmware Version?

Hello,Does anyone know if 14150.376.32 is still the most recent firmware version for the Google Nest Wifi (I have model H2D)?I've experienced intermittent connectivity issues where my wifi will randomly shut off or become very slow, and I understand ...

AudreyR by Community Member
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Mesh wifi pro 6e and bt home hub 5

I am interested in Mesh pro 6e. But I read that I need to set my isp router into bridge mode to avoid duplicate NAT problems. But my bt home hub doesn't allow me to set it to bridge mode. Is there a solution to this? It might be I have misunderstood ...

Reff by Community Member
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Reboot nest wifi in rental?

We're staying at a place that uses Google Nest Wifi. The Internet is not working - tracing shows packets not going past the router. Opening the web page on the router shows that it's "online," and to use the Google home app for more information. But ...

Tacertain by Community Member
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Epson ET-3850 keeps disconnecting from Google WiFi

I recently set up an Epson ET-3850 printer with Google WiFi (not Nest). It connected to network and worked fine wirelessly. After period of not being used (several hours), it disconnects from WiFi and is not available to print over WiFi. If we restar...

Gizziedog by Community Member
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New Google wifi (not nest) and older nest point

Hello. We had a google nest router with a point (with speaker) but the main router was struck by lightning and died. The secondary point/speaker seems to work. We purchased a wifi system with 3 points(not nest, no speaker) and I’m wondering if there ...

Lwils321 by Community Member
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