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UK Virgin Hub3 Modem mode and nest router issue

Hi, I have Virgin Hub3.0 and I made that only in Modem mode. However, after that Google nest router says, no internet connection from modem. If I switch back the virgin hub to router mode everything is fine. Least they are working ( Speed is awful fr...

Google Nest Router Blocking JUST My Website

Has anyone had an issue with the nest router block just one specific website? My website (which is a wordpress blog) is blocked (it times out without giving me access). I CAN access it if I log off wifi. Anyone outside of my household can access it t...

Resolved! Throttled speeds again. What gives?!

So this was a problem for me a while back when I first got the router and we had this huge forum discussion and a guy named Jeff (With Google) kinda made it better but it took months for us to get any kind of resolution other than continuing to tell ...

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Nest modem cant connect to wifi points

Wifi points not connecting. I get this message: "Your nest wifi point was setup successful, but cannot be found. Make sure your mobile device and nest wifi point are on the same wifi network. Turn off AP isolation, if AP isolation is on your wifi rou...

Add Wifi Mesh Router Problem

I am not sure if this is a GEN1 issue but my Google Mesh Router set came with 4. Three have been connected perfectly fine for two years. Recently I needed to improve Wi-Fi capability in a part of my house that did not have Wi-Fi. So I wanted to simpl...

jsch by Community Member
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Smarthome connect to Google Nest wifi

Hi, i have about 20 devices need connect to wifi. When i use google nest wifi, some of them got disconnected. My house is small and i have 1 router + 1 point (google nest). I can get maximum wifi coverage every corner in my house. I dont know what th...

Nest WiFi Slower than Google WiFi?

I've been using 4 Google wifi points (Costco 4 pack) for at least a few years. We have a bit of a spread out layout in an older home on a large one acre lot so mesh worked great for us. But, it wasn't incredibly fast and there were still some slow sp...

mcdonsco by Community Member
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Bad wifi

Hi guys,I'm in Australia so these speeds are laughable. But here is my problem even though via the ethernet cable plugged into the Google wifi is coming in at 50mbps down 18 up, the speeds on the mesh network is registering as 12 down and 14 up and t...

Morgan_G by Community Member
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Trying to add a Google wifi puck with NO QR code and NO PSK

I am trying to add a Google wifi puck with No QR code and NO PSK. The device was factory reset. Followed steps listed @, I don't see any PSK code ...

Hotwheels by Community Member
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