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Missing QR code

QR code / serial # is missing. Is there another way to find it? This point has never been connected and does not have the Ethernet port for wired connection.

BM1690 by Community Member
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Resolved! Brother J425W wifi Printer won't connect to Nest wifi

Pretty much as the title says. I assume it's trying to connect to the 5g band and not the 2.4g band as it should, but whatever system it's using is throwing up an error. All other devices connect fine to the Nest. This printer is the oldest device in...

PaulS333 by Community Member
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google nest - slow speed hooked to xfinity wifi

My internet speed is super flow with the google nest (4mbps) --- i have a xfinity modem that it's hooked to alone that modem's signal runs at 200mbps but if run off the nest network that plummets to the single digits. I have two points hooked up to t...

Wifi Power

Is there ay way to adjust the actual "Power" of my router? So it's not emitting such a strong signal but still works? I know this sounds weird..THANKS

pmbridges by Community Member
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Moving a point

How do I move. Nest point? Is it just a matter of unplugging and replugging and letting the app direct me? Thanks.

Forcing 2.4ghz wifi

Hi. Like others who have posted here, it appears Google has removed ability to select 2.4ghz vs 5ghz wifi networks on it's mesh products. My cheap older light and plug products only do 2.4ghz, but I can no longer see a 2.4ghz version of my wifi to co...

Nest Wifi - Connected with Internet but cannot access any websites

Don't know what is happening but I went from super reliable connection to being shown I'm connected but unable to access websites or get any apps to load on my phone. Doesn't matter if I'm right beside the router or at the furthest point of the house...

SeánNest by Community Member
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Google nest Router as access point

I have a Google nest Wi-Fi mesh system. I originally had 1 router and 2 access points. I ordered a second router by accident instead of just an access point. I researched and see it says it can be added as an access point. I remember having trouble w...

pckosb by Community Member
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Google Nest WiFi best modem option to replace Fritzbox 7530

Need recommendations for a modem that works well with Google Nest Wifi please!My ISP is Zen who provide me with a Fritzbox 7530 router but do not support using it in bridge mode. I did find some instructions of how to get around this and used those t...

jingo by Community Member
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