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New tenant

I just moved out and the new tenant needs to set up an account however the nest is still linked to my account.

Nest WiFi Router dropping wired connection

Hi, I have a Nest Router as Primary wifi point with 2x Gen 1 Google Wifi points to complete the mesh in my house running fine. I recently put an office space in at back of garden with very weak mesh connection so have wired in another Nest Router con...

DG1 by Community Member
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Resolved! Google tv chromecast speed issue

I have a google tv chromecast connected to my google nest.I can't get speed over 100mbps. The support team for chromecast say that there is a bug, the google tv chromecast can't connect to 5ghz if the channels is heigher than 40 or something. And we ...

nogoo by Community Member
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Problem with Google Nest Wifi

Have Google Nest Wifi with two points. Been working fine for months. Today work laptop using Cisco anyconnect wouldn't work with wifi, said connected with no internet. Rebooted laptop, no change, rebooted both nodes, then cable modem and no change. O...

TC61 by Community Member
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Google mini nest

I am unable to connect my wifi to google nest. I have tried resetting the Google mini nest and also my wifi router still it's unable to detect my wifi.

Separate 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands on Nest WiFi

Do you intend to separate these frequencies in future? It is frustrating when one tries to connect devices that require 2.4GHz only. TP-Link has "Smart Collect" which can be turned on and off to provide two separate WiFi SIDs. It would have been grea...

Bill1 by Community Member
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Resolved! Device not always connecting to strongest wifi

I have noticed that my device (e.g. iPhone) does not always automatically connect to the nearest (and usually the best) WiFi point.Often, when moving around in my house, my phone continues connected to the original WiFi point it was connected to, eve...

sjinsi by Community Member
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Google Mesh

Our power was knocked out for a few hours and I can't get the mesh system to reconnect. The power has gone out before, but I've never had this problem.

mediaman by Community Member
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Resolved! Family wifi password protection

Hello. I have Family Wifi enabled on my network with a schedule to pause the kids’ activity from the evening until the morning. The issue is that they can easily unpause their device using their Home app. Can I password protect Family Wifi or stop th...

iOS app doesn't show router/access point names correctly

This issue was noted some time ago and then the thread closed. It still isn’t fixed. Can you provide and ETA on resolution?

Apburke by Community Member
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