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home nest issues

I have nest with 3 pods for wifi extension only, managed from google home. Have had to restart occasionally when the internet connection goes down. A few nights ago we were woken from sleep by the satellite pod in our bedroom flashing lights. the pod...

gjbrns by Community Member
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Configuring a point that is on the edge of the mesh's range.

I have the google nest wifi mesh. Well, 2 of them actually. I have 2 routers (only using one at the moment) and 6 total points. My house is pretty spread out and has concrete walls so, as it is, I have one point every room (or every other room) and, ...

jonbiron by Community Member
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Removing disconnected/inactive devices from Google wifi

Is there a way to remove devices that do not connect with the Google network anymore (show up as inactive/greyed out)? Found this thread that's over 6 months old. Hopefully, there is a solution out there by now. And for the record, devices do not fal...

manunk by Community Member
  • 14 replies
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A new device has joined your network - every single night

Each morning I wake up and the Google Home app notifies me that a new device has joined my network.I've read this could be a device that's changing MAC address? Any tricks to figure out what this is?All the devices I'm aware of are already on the net...

smoovG by Community Member
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Facetime and Google Mesh/Nest- quality of FaceTime

For a decade I have been using Facetime to connect long distance with personal trainer (I moved) and everything worked just fine until I flipped from Google wifi to Google Nest wifi. I made the upgrade to extend my signal in the cottage country to re...

csfugle by Community Member
  • 7 replies
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Some devices can connect while some devices keep disconnected

I recently facing a problem that sometimes my devices lost the wifi connection while at the same time, other devices is still connecting. It happen randomly to different devices, it could a my phone this time, then my TV next time, etc. When i try to...

ssray73 by Community Member
  • 12 replies
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Cannot reconfigure Nest WiFi router for DHCP

Situation:I have a Nest WiFi router which I had configured with a static IP (WAN).I no longer have a static IP with my ISP.I need, therefore, to change my Nest WiFi to use DHCP to configure its WAN port.Problem:When I try to reconfigure my primary Ne...

mavjop by Community Member
  • 13 replies
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Help with Google Home App connecting to Google Wifi

Hello, I have had Google Wifi since 2019 and using the Google Wifi app I could set up temp network, change password, etc. Since it is now Google Home App, I cannot connect it to my Google Wifi network. I keep going in circles in the add new device se...

JohnPR by Community Member
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Wifi troubles

My Wifi is inconsistent when I connect through the Google Nest. When connect directly to the modem or my main Google pod the speed and consistency is very good. Once I start using the nest, as I move around my home , the speed, strength and consisten...

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