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Google Mesh and New Home App

I have 1st gen Google Wi-Fi. It’s working properly but I am unable to manage it on the new app. I did migrate it from the old Google Wi-Fi app to the new home app but I’m certain some update has caused this issue. I don’t even see the Wi-Fi in the ho...

RyCurtis by Community Member
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Resolved! AP Registration

How do I change the access point that a device is connected to?I just added a new device in the basement and instead of reporting to the basement access point, it is reporting to one in the bedroom on the second floor.

TripleC by Community Member
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Testing mesh connection

Every time I try to test the mesh connection on my new router and Wi-Fi point it fails. I’ve disconnected everything a couple of times as instructed on previous threads but this has not helped. Any suggestions? Thank you so much!

VWootton by Community Member
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Forcing 2.4ghz

Like others, i need to force a 2.4 ghz connection to set up a smart device. I created a guest network as i read in another message from @Jeff that this would be 2.4ghz only, but my phone is connecting to the guest network with 5ghz so that workaround...

kbecks13 by Community Member
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google nest

How do I erase my profile so we can set up with wife's information?

marko2022 by Community Member
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Nest Wifi is unsupported on Google Fiber Webpass

Nest Wifi support examines the gateway IP address ("gatewayIpAddress" from to determine if the connection uses a VLAN. The gateway IP can't actually tell you that information, but it's what Nest support does. If the gatew...

warpforge by Community Member
  • 16 replies
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How to stop Managers from controlling your Google Wifi

Hey,Just got the Google WiFi to control my households WiFi usage, unfortunately some of them figured out the app and installed it for themselves, now they too can control the WiFi, how can I stop certain managers in my household from controlling the ...

JustNaeem by Community Member
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Resolved! Max number of wifi points

Hello,Are there circumstances where i can exceed the 5 point limit without them interfering with each other? I'm trying to extend wifi through a long house with multiple rooms. For the most part, each point will only be able to communicate with two o...

MFord by Community Member
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