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Nest WiFi network fails a few days after connecting an ethernet switch

I have a Nest WiFi router and one point. My setup is currently Modem -> Nest router -> Ethernet switch via port on Nest router -> Wired devices (work laptop, tv, ps5)The issue started a couple of weeks ago when I was out of town and I got a notificat...

AaronB by Community Member
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Microsoft Direct Access / Remote Desktop problem with Google WiFi

The mesh net works fine except for this feature. For some reason Remote Desktop (or Direct Access) does not work. Immediately after starting Remote Desktop, a message pops up reporting that the name I do enter is not found.When I disconnect my Google...

Static IP and DHCP

Hello,I have configured my nest wifi router to connect to my static IP. I also have a wired home network. Can the router be configured to the Static IP deliving wifi over the mesh network, and connect the other port to my wired netork hub for dhcp so...

jboulton by Community Member
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New Google Nest Cant create Mesh Network

Hi, I just bought the new Nest Wifi to replace/ add to the currently 1st Google wifi i already have in the house to get the fast speeds. When I plugged in the new router, and disconnected the older one, it finds the router fine in the home app but wh...

Setting up a new wifi point error

Hi.I have a 3 point Google Wifi mesh set up and running fine. I have recently purchased an additional point second hand to add to the mesh and extend wifi coverage to the back of our garden. I have factory reset the new point by holding down the fact...

DaveTyrer by Community Member
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Resolved! Something went wrong Nest wifi point setup

Hello, I hope I categorized this properly.I have a google mesh wifi system that has been working great (got 2 months ago). However, it was attached to my google workspace account (actually used for personal use so I can have a custom email), but I go...

VeilWraith by Community Member
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Google network works, but shows offline in Google Home

I have microwave internet that comes through a Google Wifi Mesh point that acts as the main router. From there, it goes to an unmanaged switch, which connects to various devices. It also connects to another 3 mesh points (1 on far end of house, 1 in ...

port forwarding issues with google nest

I am having issues with port forwarding port 1802 to my laptop. so to explain my setup, i have 2 google nest router (my main router is upstairs with my modem), a nest point and a google wifi on the 3rd floor. so i have the main router hooked up to my...

khutched by Community Member
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