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Cameras and Doorbells

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Purchased house with nest hello

Hi Allwe recently purchased a house with an existing Nest Hello doorbell. Previous owner has degistered and so should be possible for us to connect/use.all the instructions on line are for new installations (I.e. including wiring) which is not requir...

Rolex by Community Member
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Nest Doorbell Battery at 60% after 3 days

I wonder if anyone can help or advise on this -- My nest doorbell is already at 60% after only a few days. A it's estimating I have 3 days left of battery - so less than a week.Wifi signal is strong and I've moved the router closer (-44 dBm). Streami...

Orbi mesh network - Cam and Doorbell failing to set up

Hi allI have 3 x Nest items: two Nest Cam Wired (2nd Gen) and one Nest Doorbell Battery.They were connected to my home wifi and working fine.I performed a factory reset on my mesh wifi setup (Orbi). I re-named the network as it was before, and used t...

jhsk by Community Member
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Nest doorbell inside house

My Nest doorbell is set on Christmas chime. I hear the Christmas chime outside but the default doorbell chime plays inside. How do I get the Christmas chime to sound inside as well as outside? Thanks!

Djoh by Community Member
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Indoor cameras?

Hi--I've read through a lot of the strings but wanted to get some fresh input. How are the indoor cameras working? I have a few specific questions but would love general experiences.Does the Wired Gen 1 still set up easily for new users? Are there an...

mpktech by Community Member
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