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Google cameras on ADT app

We recently had ADT install google cameras with our alarm. I have connected the two systems- I can see my alarm on google home, but I can’t see my cameras on ADT control app. Do the cameras appear on ADT control app or do I have to view them through ...

CV3 by Community Member
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google nest cam (battery) - extending power cable

Hi, can I use a USB extension cable to extend the nest charge cable. I would like use the nest charge cable to keep the camera powered all the time, but need to extend it. Not sure if I can use any USB extension cable.thanks

Googgle battery doorbell

Hello I recently set up a battery google doorbell for my parents which failed so I backed it to the supplier who issued another one. The problem I have is the new one doesn't connect to nest hub to show someone approaching the door.Is this supposed t...

Nest Cameras constantly disconnecting

I must say that I've been using Nest products for almost ten years now. We have 8 cameras throughout our home and business, 10 smoke Nest smoke detectors, door bell, and various door sensors (I forget the name to be honest).I'm just sharing my part o...

Nest Doorbell Wired Gen 2nd Can't Connect to Google Home App

Hello,Still try to set up the doorbell, and have the following problems:1. The status light was turned blue and flashing, and each step looked good until the last step (I guess?) of downloading the software (always downloaded 0% ). Is that caused by ...

Ryan88 by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Google Nest Cam W/Floodlight

I just realized the new cameras do not support the Nest app which is frustrating because my whole house is connected to the app. I wanted to use the Nest floodlight but am rethinking it now. Has anyone used a separate motion activated light with the ...

Odis88 by Community Member
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Resolved! Indoor nest camera

My indoor nest camera works great. Is there any way cameras can go back more than a month for video?

GaySmith by Community Member
  • 6 replies
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Peeling Nest Doorbell Wired

My Nest Hello Wired Doorbell has begun peelingit also stops functioning when a guest presses the chime button; lose connectivity, no chime, or alert for a few seconds to a minuteI've also reset the doorbell and loss of connectivity still occurs when ...

Google Home Mini Theme

I have an older Nest wired doorbell camera synced to a Google Home Mini. I recently changed my doorbell theme to Thanksgiving theme but hate it and want to change it back but can’t navigate to where this takes place.

Google Nest Battery Doorbell Keeps Falling Off

Hello,For some time i have had issues with my Google Nest Battery Doorbell where it keeps falling off, detaching from the mount whenever i close my door. The device seems to click in fine but as i said as soon as you shut the door normally it pops it...