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Cameras and Doorbells

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Doorbell Cam

Our Doorbell camera went off line and we can't get it back online. We have reset the router and nothing. Not sure what else to do? Any help is appreciated.

Brenda5 by Community Member
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Resolved! Live video unavailable

Hi All, Regretfully having an issue in my home app with the new Nest camera.I already have 3 working Nest cams (first gen) and now added a new Nest Cam (second gen). After the first network challenges, I finally managed to get the camera added to my ...

Mark_dame by Community Member
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Resolved! Cameras setup in Google Home, but not in Nest App

Hi Team,I recently (<1 month ago) purchased and setup up my 3 devices (Nest Cam Outdoor x2 + Doorbell x1), connected them using Google Home app on iOS. At the time started the Nest Aware trial and signed in with my one google account. I now want to u...

DanSmith by Community Member
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Nest Doorbell Battery making noises when watching live

We just installed our Nest Doorbell Battery, hardwired, and it is making sounds as if it is being touched or rubbed, not really a popping or crackling, when we watch live on our cell phones. There is no wind, no one around, and it's night time. Any i...

GJessie70 by Community Member
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Doorbell wiring schematic

Hello. We gutted our home and are rebuilding it now; all of the wiring was removed. As we reinstall everything we will need to install the new Nest doorbell (wired version) we purchased. Does anyone know if there is wiring schematic I can follow to i...

dpm1968 by Community Member
  • 8 replies
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wired doorbell

i have a chime doorbell that has 18V from the transformer to the power contacts for the memory and a contact that goes to the front door for the door bell push button. it supplies lower power to the pushbutton and i an getting a low voltage flashing ...

burnsee by Community Member
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Nest Doorbell

Is there a way to alert certain Google speakers when doorbell is pressed? Currently, it alerts all of them.

Chinzo by Community Member
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