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Cameras and Doorbells

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Forum Posts

Google Nest doorbell peeling off

My google nest doorbell is peeling off. I see that lots of people are experiencing the same problem. My doorbell is not 1 year old so it is under warranty.While contacting for replacement, google is giving me Refurbished Replacement. I told them that...

zattack by Community Member
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Cant add device

When I go to the nest app to add a device, I scan the qr code. It tells me I need to use Google home to install. I go to the Google home app click add device and select doorbell. It then tells me I need to set it up using the nest app.....

Ps24jeff by Community Member
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Wired Nest Cam not on NEST

I setup my new Nest Cam (wired) through the Google Home app, but the camera does not show up on my NEST app. Whenever I try to add the camera through the NEST app, it redirects me to the Google Home App.

Nest Floodlight + Nest App

Seriously?! What genius thought it was a great idea to not allow a Nest product to work in the Nest app? I purchased a new Nest floodlight and just finished installing it. I have a Nest doorbell, two Nest thermostats, about 6 or 8 Nest Protects and i...

flug by Community Member
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Nest Hello, peeling and Glass fell off

Hi, I've had the Nest Hello Doorbell for just over 2 years. The fact that i feel i need to replace it while the product technically still functions is very concerning to me.Anyone here know of an alternative that can last more than two years?All of m...

BuzzKill by Community Member
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Google Camera

I have both wired and battery cameras to install. Just seeking guidance of how to install these cameras on the Home or Nest app as some say to install the Battery camera to Home and wired to Nest App. I would have thought that I could simply connect ...

TonyL by Community Member
  • 5 replies
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Nest Doorbell seasonal theme not showing

I just bought this doorbell and was very excited for holiday themed sounds, however I don't have any. I see that Halloween reset to default on Nov 1st but are there no Christmas or seasonal themes available right now?

trying to set up Nest Camera (wired)

this camera was working normally in my other home but the 'other home' in question has disappeared from my Google Home App. I have set up my 'other home' again but now cannot add the camera?

akmMN by Community Member
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Prefer using Nest app

I just added an additional indoor wired camera to my account. I prefer using the nest app on my mobile device but it will not let me connect a new camera using the nest app. When adding a new camera, it forces me to use Google home. How do I set up a...

BEEFETR by Community Member
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Resolved! Continuous streaming with a powered 2021 nest cam (battery)

Hi there, is it possible to continuously stream a 2021 nest cam when it is powered? (so no battery issues)Here is what I tried: I kept a chrome book open (powered) with the google home app continuously streaming 3 cameras around my house just as a te...

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