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Cameras and Doorbells

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Video history keeps auto deleting every few hours

I have a battery powered doorbell, and a floodlight with a camera in my backyard. They’ve both been set up for a few months and I haven’t had this issue, but I accidentally let my doorbell die all the way the other day. Once I charged it, all of my v...

Resolved! Nest cam outdoor no light

It's was working now it's dead. No light, app won't connect to it.It has power, fuse checked too, still nothing.This product has always been a bit sketchy and way less than reliable and certainly stopped me buying any other Nest products.Has it final...

Doorbell won't announce visitors or chime inside

I have a Lenovo display with Google Assistant but it won’t announce when someone rings my Google Nest doorbellThe Display was set up using Google HomeDoorbell was added to Google Home app using barcode and visitor announcements turned on but does not...

liannecb by Community Member
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Linking Wyze

It won’t allow me to link my Wyze camera, says it’s linked but it’s not. I know it can/will bc I’ve done it, but it came disconnected and I’m trying to reconnect

Doorbell lense is craked

Hi -My doorbell fell of its mounting bracket and the lense is now crackedThis happened when the door bell was pressed a few days after I had charged it. The door bell is only couple of months old. Can you help with this please. My wife i bought it vi...

Nest Doorbell Battery

Hello, I got nest doorbell/camera installed a few weeks ago and the battery is running low and needs to be re-charged every 5-7 days. This is excessive. I called Customer Service and they were not helpful. Claims I must have my Detection on for Vehic...

valerie2 by Community Member
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